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Episode Gallery Transcript
BFDIA 4 Zeeky Boogy Doog-210:26

BFDIA 4 Zeeky Boogy Doog-2

(Scene: Gelatin, Tennis Ball, Firey and Book on the Eiffel Tower)


Hey, what's that thing we're all battling for?

Tennis Ball

Wait, you actually don't know?


No, but I really wish I did!






I always thought you were well read! <laughs> Get it?

<Book takes Gelatin's freeze juice...>

Book: And I always thought you were warm!

<... and injects the freeze juice into Firey>


Book: So, what are we battling for?

Tennis Ball: Dream Island!

Book: Dream Island? That sounds like a disease!

Tennis Ball: Well, it's not. To quote the grey faceless robot: "A whole square mile of paradise, blah blah blah blah" and the winner even gets to decide who gets to come on and who doesn't!

Book: Hey, that sounds great! Well, if it weren't for all the "blah blah blah"s. Thanks for telling me TB! Now I feel well informed!

Tennis Ball: You mean "well read"! Hyuck, hyuck!

<Book freezes Tennis Ball>

Puffball Speaker Box: It's time for Cake at Stake!

Gelatin: Huh?

Puffball Speaker Box: I said, it's time for Cake at Stake! Get them down for me, Nickel.

Nickel: Uh, I don't think I can. It's an awfully long way up the Eiffel Tower.

<zoom out, showing the Eiffel Tower>

Pin: I'll do it.

<Pin shakes the Eiffel Tower>

Book: What does Pin think she's doing? It's the Eiffel Tower! There's no way she'll shake us off!

Gelatin: Ha ha! She must not be very "well read"!

<Book freezes Gelatin>

Book: Whoa!

Match: Watch!

<Match catches Firey (Ruby's mouth is wide open, in awe)>

Match: See? I saved Firey's life!

Ruby: Wow! You're such a nice person, Match!

<Frozen Tennis Ball hits the ground and shatters into pieces>

Match: TB totally, like, deserved it. He's been so lazy!

<Pencil catches Gelatin (Ruby's mouth is open in awe again)>

Pencil: I'm a lifesaver too!

<The Eiffel Tower shakes, and Book is screaming>

<Book flies off screaming into Golf Ball's underground factory and lands into a vat of "Dream Sauce">

Book: Huh? Dream Sauce?

Nickel: You can stop, Pin, there's no one left on the tower.

<The tower hits a poisoned Yellow Face and shatters Ruby>

<The tower hits the recommended characters, one by one, as they scream in pain>

<TV shows Cake at Stake. Teardrop has the most likes, at 502>

Match: Wow, Teardrop, over 500 likes? OMG, I wish I was that well-liked.

Fries: Spin the wheel already, Teardrop! We don't have all day you lazy little thing...

Pencil: Fries! Teardrop's dead. And so are... you? You're not dead.

Fries: Gelatin gave me a dose of anti-poison.

<Gelatin thaws out>

Gelatin: Eww! Gross, I'm all soggy!

<Firey thaws and dies in his own unfrozen water>

Nickel: Gelatin, do you have any more anti-poison?

Gelatin: Well, I've only got enough to save one more person...

Nickel: I think we should go for Teardrop, because she has to spin the wheel.

Gelatin: Okay. Go for it.

<Teardrop gets injected with anti-poison>

Nickel: Feeling better, Teardrop?

<she eats Nickel while he screams>

Pencil: What was that?

Gelatin: Well, the side effects of anti-poison do include the... eating of one contestant.

Pencil: Oh, great. Fries, who did you eat?

Fries: Spongy.

Pencil: Spongy?

Pencil: Hooray!

Match: Yes!

<Teardrop spins the wheel>

Puffball Speaker Box: You must choose between immunity into the final 15, or a Hand-powered Recovery Center.

Pin: Oh! That's an easy choice, Teardrop! You don't need immunity. Everyone loves you! <and repeated in slow-mo>

<Teardrop chooses (shoots a laser onto) "A Hand-powered Recovery Center">

Gelatin: Match, look out!

<The HPRC crushes Gelatin whiles his remains get onto Match's body>

Match: OMG! Gelatin is so awful at, like, lifesaving.

Pencil: I know, right? He cut it way too close! He needs to work on his timing.

Match: Well, let's bring Bubble back!

<Match types "Bubble" on the HPRC>

<the HPRC makes a retro noise and loads>

< Match cranks the lever, recovering Bubble>

Match, Bubble and Pencil: Yay!

<Bubble pops. The HPRC says ¨not my fault¨ for about a millisecond>

<Bubble is recovered again>

Pencil: Bad Bubble! You need to stop dying! I mean, you're just wasting our time!

Bubble: Sorry!

Pin: Out of my way!

<Pin pushes Match and Pencil with her body popping Bubble>

Pin: I gotta get Coiny back!

<Pin cranks the lever and Coiny is recovered>

Fries: I'll bring Gelatin back!

<Fries cranks the lever and Gelatin is recovered>

Gelatin: I'll bring Nickel back.

<Gelatin cranks the lever and Nickel is recovered>

Nickel: I'll bring Yellow Face back.

<Nickel cranks the lever and Yellow Face is recovered>

Yellow Face: I'll bring Firey back!

<Yellow Face cranks the lever and Firey is recovered>

Firey: I'll bring Tennis Ball back!

<Firey cranks the lever and Tennis Ball is recovered>

Tennis Ball: I'll bring Golf Ball back!

<Tennis Ball cranks the lever and Golf Ball is recovered>

Golf Ball: I'll bring Ruby back!

<Golf Ball cranks the lever and Ruby is recovered>

Ruby: I'll bring Flower back!

<Ruby cranks the lever and Flower is recovered>

Flower: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

<Gelatin throws a freeze juice syringe on Flower, freezing her>

Gelatin: Don't ever do that again.

Ruby: Sorry.

Pencil: Yeah, we might just have to expel you from our alliance.

Ruby: Aww, really?

Pencil: No, JK.

Ruby: Oh, okay then.

Coiny: I'll bring Bomby, Rocky, Bubble, Spongy, and Book back!

<Coiny cranks the lever and Bomby, Rocky, Bubble, and Spongy are recovered...>

<...and the HPRC states that it can't recover Book, as she is still alive>

Coiny: Huh? Book's still alive? That's weird.

Coiny: Alright, now let's see who's going home!

<TV starts showing the dislikes>

<Needle's bar stops at 210 dislikes and Needle is given a slice of cake>

<Pin's bar stops at 314 dislikes and Pin is given a slice of cake>

<Coiny's bar stops at 387 dislikes and Teardrop's bar goes down to 440>

<The TV makes a blaringly loud ringing sound>

Fries: Ahh! Turn it off! Turn it down! Turn it off!

Coiny: OMM, that was close.

Coiny: Any first words, Teardrop?

<Teardrop gets flung to the TLC>

Coiny: That's what I thought.

<The TLC and LOL close, followed by a lock on the LOL>

Coiny: Now I'm surrounded by pins and needles!

Pin: You mean a pin and a needle!

Needle: Yeah!

<Needle slaps Coiny>

Coiny: What was that? I didn't even call you Needy.

<she slaps Coiny again>

Needle: Don't call me Needy!

Coiny: Anyway, since we lost Teardrop, we should go for a double dose of new team members.

Pin: 'Kay.

Coiny: Bomby, want to join?

Bomby: No!

Coiny: If you don't join, I'll ignite you with Firey.

Bomby: (unintelligible screaming)

Pin: Yellow Face, want to join?

Yellow Face: Hmmm... <shakes Pin off> I SURE DO!

Coiny: <gasps> Okay, Ruby! We're ready for the contest. Spin the wheel.

Ruby: WILL DO! Wait... it just occurred to me. (flashback plays) If Firey won Dream Island last season, why are we still battling for it?

Coiny: BLAH!

Pencil: Oh that, that's right... Leafy stole Dream Island!

Tennis Ball: Oh no! I forgot! No one knows where Dream Island is!

Nickel: We better send a rescue team to go find it.

Puffball: Wow, I hope they find it! Wow, I hope they find it! wOw, I HoPe tHEy FInd IT!

Golf Ball: People, stop talking! I don't want to hear any more prattle for Dream Island!

Yellow Face: So without Dream Island, we are just battling for... NOTHING?!?!

<Intro again, with text saying Battle For Nothing>

<Ruby spins the wheel>

Ruby: Would you look at that? I knew there'd be a solution!

Golf Ball: T-Team No-Name! We're going to my underground factory to build.

Puffball Speaker Box: Whoa! What are you-? Stop! Stop!

Bubble: Huh?

Puffball Speaker Box: You're not an official BFDI contestant.

Bubble: But, but Pencil...

Puffball Speaker Box: Sorry, you may be alive, but it's, you're not, you're not in BFDI. Here, have a soda. (Bubbly Pop)

Bubble: Thanks!


Pin: Okay, so everyone loves farms, right?

Coiny: Yeah, who doesn't?

Pin: I think our Dream Island should be FARM THEMED!

Yellow Face: YAY!!!!!

<inside factory>

Fries: So you actually have an underground factory?

Golf Ball: Well, yeah! Why would I not? It encourages inspiration, creation, and innovation. Everyone should have a factory. You should build one, Fries!

Fries: That would be a waste of time, just like yours is!

<Golf Ball gasps and kicks Fries into the incinerator>

Gelatin: Golf Ball! You just killed Fries! Alright, you need to calm down.

<Gelatin uses Freeze Juice on Golf Ball. She drops down into the incinerator>


<she unfreezes>

Gelatin: Uh, Golf Ball, why do you even have an incinerator?

Golf Ball: That is, that is none of your business!


Gelatin: <drops into incinerator> GUAAAAAAAAH!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Golf Ball: ALRIGHT then! So here's our plan...

Pencil: "Our plan"? More like your plan. You're too bossy, GB.

Golf Ball: <deep breath> If you don't like this team, why don't you just GET OUT?! Send her to the incinerator, Tennis Ball!

Tennis Ball: Fine.

Pencil: Hey! Hey! No no no! No! No! No! <into the incinerator she goes> AAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Match: OMG, Golf Ball! You did not just, like, do that.

Golf Ball: You want to go there too?

Match: No.

Golf Ball: Listen, Match, my factory, my rules!

<cuts screen to W.O.A.H Bunch>

Coiny: What's this?

Pin: They're cattle for Dream Island!

<Yellow Face leaves and goes into Golf Ball's Underground Factory>

Coiny: And this?

Pin: That's a saddle for Dream Island!

Coiny: Hey! Where's Yellow Face?

<inside the factory>

Golf Ball: Okay, so I have this vat of Dream Sauce. The first step is to super heat it in the Oven-O-Tron.

<pushes it inside the oven>

Book: No! Wait! Don't!

<superheats the Dream Sauce, frying Book>

Golf Ball: Now the Dream Sauce is hot enough. When you pour it on the floor...

Yellow Face: <Goes close to Golf Ball>

Golf Ball: ...It should coagulate into Dream Island!

Yellow Face: Too long, didn't listen.

Golf Ball: My vat will pour Dream Island!

Yellow Face: What!? Seriously! How will your vat pour Dream Island? For just $19.95, you can tell me, Yellow Face! How a vat can pour an island!

Golf Ball: Just Watch!

Golf Ball: <Kicks Dream Sauce bucket and Dream Sauce pours on the ground> Ugh!

<Dream Sauce coagulates into Dream Island and starts glowing>

Yellow Face: Wow!

<cuts to WOAH Bunch>

Coiny: Uh oh. Their Dream Island is... glowing.

Pin: What does that mean?

Coiny: It means their Dream Island is amazing! If we want to win, we must destroy it.

<Coiny picks up Bomby>

Bomby: OH NO!

<Coiny tosses Bomby down the stairs to GB's factory>

<Flower thaws out of the ice due to the sun's rays>

<Cuts back to Team No-Name>

Nickel: Wow Golf Ball, for once I'm actually glad you're on my team!

Golf Ball: Thank you!

Puffball: What should we name our island?

Nickel: Uh, I thought it had to be called Dream Island, 'cause, y'know, it's called Battle For Dream Island.

Ruby: Well, I think it should be called Poopy Mayonnaise! It's got that nice ring to it!

Firey: I've got a better idea! How about Zeeky Boogy Doog?

<Bomby falls into the lava and destroys Team No-Name's Dream Island>

<Cuts to Puffball Speaker Box>

Puffball Speaker Box: Time's up.

<Puffball Speaker Box goes to WOAH Bunch's Dream Island>

Puffball Speaker Box: WOAH Bunch, your Dream Island is awful. I hate farms.

Pin: Oh.

Puffball Speaker Box: However, Team No-Name has no Dream Island, so I guess WOAH Bunch wins.

<Coiny and Pin high five, leaving Needle looking sad>

<Images of the members of Team No-Name appear on-screen with Puffball Speaker Box>

Puffball Speaker Box: Rate the members of Team No-Name.

<Cuts to Flower and Gelatin at night>

Flower: Hey, Gelatin!

<Flower stabs Gelatin with a poison bug>

Flower: How does that feel?

Gelatin: It feels fine, because I'm immune to bug poison. Duh. The HPRC must have produced you without a brain.

<Gelatin freezes Flower with a syringe of freeze juice>

<Evil Leafy appears above Flower and starts sinking into her>

<Yellow Face appears>

Yellow Face: HELLO!

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