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BFDIA 4 Zeeky Boogy Doog-210:26

BFDIA 4 Zeeky Boogy Doog-2


Hey, what's that thing we're all battling for?

Tennis Ball

Wait, you actually don't know?


No, but I really wish I did!
(Scene: Gelatin, Tennis Ball, Firey and Book on the Eiffel Tower)






I always thought you were well read! <laughs> Get it?
<Book takes Gelatin's freeze juice...>


And I always thought you were warm!
<... and injects the freeze juice into Firey>


So, what are we battling for?

Tennis Ball

Dream Island!


Dream Island? That sounds like a disease!

Tennis Ball

Well, it's not. To quote the grey faceless robot: "A whole square mile of paradise, blah blah blah blah" and the winner even gets to decide who gets to come on and who doesn't!


Hey, that sounds great! Well, if it weren't for all the "blah blah blah"s. Thanks for telling me, TB! Now I feel well informed!

Tennis Ball

You mean "well read"! Hyuck, hyuck!
<Book freezes Tennis Ball>


It's time for Cake at Stake!




I said, it's time for Cake at Stake! Get them down for me, Nickel.


Uh, I don't think I can. It's an awfully long way up the Eiffel Tower.
<zoom out, showing the Eiffel Tower>


I'll do it.
<Pin shakes the Eiffel Tower>


What does Pin think she's doing? It's the Eiffel Tower! There's no way she'll shake us off!


Ha ha! She must not be very "well read"!
<Book freezes Gelatin>




<Match catches Firey (Ruby's mouth is wide open, in awe)>


See? I saved Firey's life!


Wow! You're such a nice person, Match!
<Frozen Tennis Ball hits the ground and shatters into pieces>


TB totally, like, deserved it. He's been so lazy!
<Pencil catches Gelatin (Ruby's mouth is open in awe again)>


I'm a lifesaver too!
<The Eiffel Tower shakes, and Book is screaming>
<Book flies off screaming into Golf Ball's underground factory and lands into a vat of "Dream Sauce">


Huh? Dream Sauce?


You can stop, Pin, there's no one left on the tower.
<The tower hits a poisoned Yellow Face and shatters Ruby>
<The tower hits the recommended characters, one by one, as they scream in pain>
<TV shows Cake at Stake. Teardrop has the most likes, at 502>


Wow, Teardrop, over 500 likes? OMG, I wish I was that well-liked.


Spin the wheel already, Teardrop! We don't have all day you lazy little thing...


Fries! Teardrop's dead. And so are... you? You're not dead.


Gelatin gave me a dose of anti-poison.
<Gelatin thaws out>


Eww! Gross, I'm all soggy!
<Firey thaws and dies in his own unfrozen water>


Gelatin, do you have any more anti-poison?


Well, I've only got enough to save one more person...


I think we should go for Teardrop, because she has to spin the wheel.


Okay. Go for it.
<Teardrop gets injected with anti-poison>


Feeling better, Teardrop?
<she eats Nickel while he screams>


What was that?


Well, the side effects of anti-poison do include the... eating of one contestant.


Oh, great. Fries, who did you eat?








<Teardrop spins the wheel>

Puffball Speaker Box

You must choose between immunity into the final 15, or a Hand-powered Recovery Center.


Oh! That's an easy choice, Teardrop! You don't need immunity. Everyone loves you! <and repeated in slow-mo>
<Teardrop chooses (shoots a laser onto) "A Hand-powered Recovery Center">


Match, look out!
<The HPRC crushes Gelatin whiles his remains get onto Match's body>


OMG! Gelatin is so awful at, like, lifesaving.


I know, right? He cut it way too close! He needs to work on his timing.


Well, let's bring Bubble back!
<Match types "Bubble" on the HPRC>
<the HPRC makes a retro noise and loads>
< Match cranks the lever, recovering Bubble>


Pencil, Match, and Bubble
<Bubble pops. The HPRC says ¨not my fault¨ for about a millisecond>
<Bubble is recovered again>


Pencil: Bad Bubble! You need to stop dying! I mean, you're just wasting our time!




Out of my way!
<Pin pushes Match and Pencil with her body popping Bubble>


I gotta get Coiny back!
<Pin cranks the lever and Coiny is recovered>


I'll bring Gelatin back!
<Fries cranks the lever and Gelatin is recovered>


I'll bring Nickel back.
<Gelatin cranks the lever and Nickel is recovered>


I'll bring Yellow Face back.
<Nickel cranks the lever and Yellow Face is recovered>

Yellow Face

I'll bring Firey back!
<Yellow Face cranks the lever and Firey is recovered>


I'll bring Tennis Ball back!
Firey cranks the lever and Tennis Ball is recovered.

Tennis Ball

I'll bring Golf Ball back!
Tennis Ball cranks the lever and Golf Ball is recovered.

Golf Ball

I'll bring Ruby back!
Golf Ball cranks the lever and Ruby is recovered.


I'll bring Flower back!
Ruby cranks the lever and Flower is recovered.


Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Gelatin throws a freeze juice syringe on Flower, freezing her.


Don't ever do that again.




Yeah, we might just have to expel you from our alliance.

Ruby: Aww, really?

Pencil: No, JK.

Ruby: Oh, okay then.

Coiny: I'll bring Bomby, Rocky, Bubble, Spongy, and Book back!

Coiny cranks the lever and Bomby, Rocky, Bubble, and Spongy are recovered...
...and the HPRC states that it can't recover Book, as she is still alive.

Coiny: Huh? Book's still alive? That's weird.

Coiny: Alright, now let's see who's going home!

<TV starts showing the dislikes>

<Needle's bar stops at 210 dislikes and Needle is given a slice of cake>

<Pin's bar stops at 314 dislikes and Pin is given a slice of cake>

<Coiny's bar stops at 387 dislikes and Teardrop's bar goes down to 440>

<The TV makes a blaringly loud ringing sound>

Fries: Ahh! Turn it off! Turn it down! Turn it off!

Coiny: OMM, that was close.

Coiny: Any first words, Teardrop?

<Teardrop gets flung to the TLC>

Coiny: That's what I thought.

The TLC and LOL close, followed by a lock on the LOL.

Coiny: Now I'm surrounded by pins and needles!

Pin: You mean a pin and a needle!

Needle: Yeah!

<Needle slaps Coiny>

Coiny: What was that? I didn't even call you Needy.

<she slaps Coiny again>

Needle: Don't call me Needy!

Coiny: Anyway, since we lost Teardrop, we should go for a double dose of new team members.

Pin: 'Kay.

Coiny: Bomby, want to join?

Bomby: No!

Coiny: If you don't join, I'll ignite you with Firey.

Bomby: (unintelligible screaming)

Pin: Yellow Face, want to join?

Yellow Face: Hmmm... <shakes Pin off> I SURE DO!

Coiny: <gasps> Okay, Ruby! We're ready for the contest. Spin the wheel.

Ruby: WILL DO! Wait... it just occurred to me. (flashback plays) If Firey won Dream Island last season, why are we still battling for it?

Coiny: BLAH!

Pencil: Oh that, that's right... Leafy stole Dream Island!

Tennis Ball: Oh no! I forgot! No one knows where Dream Island is!

Nickel: We better send a rescue team to go find it.

Puffball: Wow, I hope they find it! Wow, I hope they find it! wOw, I HoPe tHEy FInd IT!

Golf Ball: People, stop talking! I don't want to hear any more prattle for Dream Island!

Yellow Face: So without Dream Island, we are just battling for... NOTHING?!?!

<Intro again, with text saying Battle For Nothing>

<Ruby spins the wheel>

Ruby: Would you look at that? I knew there'd be a solution!

Golf Ball: T-Team No-Name! We're going to my underground factory to build.

Puffball Speaker Box: Whoa! What are you-? Stop! Stop!

Bubble: Huh?

Puffball Speaker Box: You're not an official BFDI contestant.

Bubble: But, but Pencil...

Puffball Speaker Box: Sorry, you may be alive, but it's, you're not, you're not in BFDI. Here, have a soda. (Bubbly Pop)

Bubble: Thanks!


Pin: Okay, so everyone loves farms, right?

Coiny: Yeah, who doesn't?

Pin: I think our Dream Island should be FARM THEMED!

Yellow Face: YAY!!!!!

<inside factory>

Fries: So you actually have an underground factory?

Golf Ball: Well, yeah! Why would I not? It encourages inspiration, creation, and innovation. Everyone should have a factory. You should build one, Fries!

Fries: That would be a waste of time, just like yours is!

<Golf Ball gasps and kicks Fries into the incinerator>

Gelatin: Golf Ball! You just killed Fries! Alright, you need to calm down.

<Gelatin uses Freeze Juice on Golf Ball. She drops down into the incinerator>


<she unfreezes>

Gelatin: Uh, Golf Ball, why do you even have an incinerator?

Golf Ball: That is, that is none of your business!


Gelatin: <drops into incinerator> GUAAAAAAAAH!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Golf Ball: ALRIGHT then! So here's our plan...

Pencil: "Our plan"? More like your plan. You're too bossy, GB.

Golf Ball: <deep breath> If you don't like this team, why don't you just GET OUT?! Send her to the incinerator, Tennis Ball!

Tennis Ball: Fine.

Pencil: Hey! Hey! No no no! No! No! No! <into the incinerator she goes> AAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Match: OMG, Golf Ball! You did not just, like, do that.

Golf Ball: You want to go there too?

Match: No.

Golf Ball: Listen, Match, my factory, my rules!

<cuts screen to W.O.A.H Bunch>

Coiny: What's this?

Pin: They're cattle for Dream Island!

<Yellow Face leaves and goes into Golf Ball's Underground Factory>

Coiny: And this?

Pin: That's a saddle for Dream Island!

Coiny: Hey! Where's Yellow Face?

<inside the factory>

Golf Ball: Okay, so I have this vat of Dream Sauce. The first step is to super heat it in the Oven-O-Tron.

<pushes it inside the oven>

Book: No! Wait! Don't!

<superheats the Dream Sauce, frying Book>

Golf Ball: Now the Dream Sauce is hot enough. When you pour it on the floor...

Yellow Face: <Goes close to Golf Ball>

Golf Ball: ...It should coagulate into Dream Island!

Yellow Face: Too long, didn't listen.

Golf Ball: My vat will pour Dream Island!

Yellow Face: What!? Seriously! How will your vat pour Dream Island? For just $19.95, you can tell me, Yellow Face! How a vat can pour an island!

Golf Ball: Just Watch!

Golf Ball: <Kicks Dream Sauce bucket and Dream Sauce pours on the ground> Ugh!

<Dream Sauce coagulates into Dream Island and starts glowing>

Yellow Face: Wow!

<cuts to WOAH Bunch>

Coiny: Uh oh. Their Dream Island is... glowing.

Pin: What does that mean?

Coiny: It means their Dream Island is amazing! If we want to win, we must destroy it.

<Coiny picks up Bomby>

Bomby: OH NO!

<Coiny tosses Bomby down the stairs to GB's factory>

<Flower thaws out of the ice due to the sun's rays>

<Cuts back to Team No-Name>

Nickel: Wow Golf Ball, for once I'm actually glad you're on my team!

Golf Ball: Thank you!

Puffball: What should we name our island?

Nickel: Uh, I thought it had to be called Dream Island, 'cause, y'know, it's called Battle For Dream Island.

Ruby: Well, I think it should be called Poopy Mayonnaise! It's got that nice ring to it!

Firey: I've got a better idea! How about Zeeky Boogy Doog?

<Bomby falls into the lava and destroys Team No-Name's Dream Island>

<Cuts to Puffball Speaker Box>

Puffball Speaker Box: Time's up.

<Puffball Speaker Box goes to WOAH Bunch's Dream Island>

Puffball Speaker Box: WOAH Bunch, your Dream Island is awful. I hate farms.

Pin: Oh.

Puffball Speaker Box: However, Team No-Name has no Dream Island, so I guess WOAH Bunch wins.

<Coiny and Pin high five, leaving Needle looking sad>

<Images of the members of Team No-Name appear on-screen with Puffball Speaker Box>

Puffball Speaker Box: Rate the members of Team No-Name.

<Cuts to Flower and Gelatin at night>

Flower: Hey, Gelatin!

<Flower stabs Gelatin with a poison bug>

Flower: How does that feel?

Gelatin: It feels fine, because I'm immune to bug poison. Duh. The HPRC must have produced you without a brain.

<Gelatin freezes Flower with a syringe of freeze juice>

<Evil Leafy appears above Flower and starts sinking into her>

<Yellow Face appears>

Yellow Face: HELLO!

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