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The Yoylemap is a map that show the entirety of Goiky, if not a small part of it. It first appeared in The Glistening, when Leafy uses it to teleport to Yoyleland. It appeared again in Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know, when it flew into Leafy's face, and she used to teleport to Yoyleland. It was later torn down by Pin.

The Yoylemap shows the Goiky Canal, Dream Island, Yoyleland and the place where BFDI(A) is hosted.


  • If Pin didn't rip up the map, they could've found Dream Island. The map was probably outdated however.
  • There was possibly an another spare Yoylemap, owned by Firey got a spare one in Get Digging while he said "2763 miles away!" However, it might lack the teleport ability that Leafy's one has.
  • The line said to use the Yoylemap, "Blue skidoo, we can too!", is a reference to Blue's Clues when Steve jumps into a painting.


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