Side effects

Turns consumer into Yoyle Metal

Ingredients for

Yoylecake, Yoylestew

Yoyleberries are a kind of fictional fruit in Battle for Dream Island. They are used to make Yoylecake and Yoylestew, and they can also be eaten fresh. They are commonly found in "yoylebushes", which are located in Yoyleland. Though it was mentioned as an ingredient for Yoylecake before in Don't Pierce My Flesh, its official appearance was in Get Digging, when Gelatin, Needle, and Puffball went to Yoyleland to collect the berries to make Yoylestew for the contest.


The Yoyleberries first appeared in Get Digging. The Yoyleberries have a purple, small berry appearance. They turn anyone who eats them to Yoyle Metal in seconds, which means they can't jump high or run. The same applies for the food it's made with (ex, Yoylecake). The Yoyleberries are only found in Yoyleland, in the yoylebushes, where they grow.


  • It is unknown what the side effect is called.
  • It's unknown how do Yoyleberries grow in Yoyleland, because the lack of sunlight there does not allow potatoes to grow.

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