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Episode Gallery Transcript
BFDIA 1 Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know07:31

BFDIA 1 Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know

Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know! on YouTube!

Leafy is seen running away from Pin, Blocky, Coiny, Teardrop, Ice Cube, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, Pencil and Pen. Leafy goes through a gate and ends up stopping Pin, Ice Cube, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball, only for them to rejoin the others later. Leafy starts jumping over hills and after takes the bottom path in the forest.


Don't you think we're taking this too far?


Don't YOU want Dream Island?!


Yeah sure, I do. But we don't actually have to capture Leafy, do we?


Yes, we do.




Because if we let Leafy escape, she'll steal Dream Island! Pen, which way do we go?


Hmmmm... That way!


Pen, Pen! Just use the Leafy Detector.


Leafy Detector?


I mean why prospect when you can detect?
The light of the Leafy Detector catches Leafy and the others find out where she is. Leafy is trying to cross a really narrow bridge when a map flies onto her.


Blue Skidoo, we can too!
Pin grabs the map and shreds it, Pen runs up to Eraser, Blocky and Snowball


Hey guys, look!
TV loads the results of who will be in season 2. They are: Rocky, Nickel, Firey, Leafy, Teardrop, Bomby, Bubble, Needle, Spongy, Dora, Pin, Ruby, Tennis Ball, Coiny, Pencil, Match, Ice Cube, Flower, Donut, Fries, Golf Ball and Gelatin


What? I didn't make it?! That's impossible!


Of course you didn't.


But I'm a wonderful book!


I guess people judged you by your cover.


Hey! Wait.... Hey!! Wait.... HEY!! Wai--- Hey, what's this? BFDI game rules...


Give me that. Rule 1: Contestants not present may not compete.


Well bet that's unfortunate.
Leafy, Bubble, Flower, Nonexisty and Woody's names all fade from the screen. Book, Yellow Face and Puffball all come in the game


See? I knew I would make it!


Get away, I can't stand your cover.
Book slaps Fries and eats one of his fries'. Fries slaps Book who spits out his piece of fries and eats one of Book's pages only to spit it out and Book puts it back in its place.


So who's the host gonna be?


<sings in an autotuned voice> Yeah, who? I wanna know! <repeats 12 more times> Yeah, who? I wanna knooooooow!


<shakes his head quickly> I think TV should be the host! After all, he was the closest to the Announcer.


<has the words YAY on his screen.>


Hey Eraser, anymore rules?


Uh.... oh yeah. Rule 2: Eliminated contestants must be killed. Wait, WHAT?!
Everyone starts screaming whilst an Announcer Crusher crushes them. Luckily, it was just Eraser's hallucination.


Oh, eliminated contestants must be treated with TLC. Aww okay.
After a brief silence, the eliminated contestants get sent to the TLC while screaming


Let's split into teams!


I think one team should have the original contestants, and the other should have the newbies!
The new and old contestants move to their respective teams.


Hey! Our team's smaller than the other one.


So what? Sometimes you just have to deal with it.




I said: sometimes you just have to deal with it.

Donut: Well, sometimes you just have to deal with getting SLAPPED! <Slaps Pencil>

Pencil: Well, sometimes you just have to deal with getting STABBED! <Stabs Donut>

Donut: Well, sometimes you just have to deal with getting set ablaze. <Throws Firey at Pencil.>

Firey: Sometimes maybe you should just calm down...

Pencil: Sometimes maybe Firey's right!

Donut: Sometimes maybe Firey's WRONG!

Puffball: Sometimes maybe if one player switches teams, they'll be equal!

Pencil: Sometimes maybe it won't be me.


We'll choose um...

Donut: We'll choose Match!

Match: <Gasp>

Pencil: <gasps and sucks in the fire.>


But Pencil and I have to stick together!

Pencil: You'll pay for that, Donut. Hah.... <releases some fire from her mouth which burns Book.>

Book: Ahhhhh!


Rule 3: Spin the wheel to choose the next contest!

Fries: Well spin it already, I'm getting impatient.

Firey: Waiwaiwait one more rule. Before a contest, players may switch teams if they want.


Pencil, Gelatin, Tennis Ball & Fries

Match: OMG, I'm like going back then.

Gelatin: I'm following Match. I'd rather be on the stronger team.

Fries: Me too.

<Eventually, everyone, except for Donut, switches teams, whilst he gives an angry glare with the screen only showing the row which has his eyes. Pencil does the same>

Pencil: Wait, I like my screen like this. <Changes her screen so there is a vertical rectangle covering her> See.

Match: OMG Pencil, me too! <High fives Pencil>

Fries: Really? I like mine like this. <Changes the screen to a hexagon>

Ruby: Well, I like mine like this. <Changes the screen to a star>

Firey: Let's all show our favorite screens.

Everyone: Yeah!

<Bomby: a circle. Dora: the blades of a fan. Nickel: a smiley face. Match: Puffball. Teardrop: the windows of a house. Needle: a target. Dora: the number 2. Pin: a small rectangle. Yellow Face: a rainbow shape. TV: an explosion like shape, with a weird tongue and smile. Dora: the number 3. Puffball: Abe Lincoln's head. Gelatin: a piece of string. Coiny: a Firey death trap. Rocky: barf. Dora: the number 4. Spongy: the TLC. Book: a house. Donut: the Announcer. Firey: a Coiny death trap. Dora: the number 5. Tennis Ball: a flower. Ruby: a recovery center. Ice Cube: 3 Davids>

Golf Ball: Stop it people!

Coiny: <Firey tries to slap him> I'm switching teams. Hey Pin, why don't you switch too?

Donut: Yeah Pin, you really need to switch. You would not believe how much you need to switch. I highly recommend that you switch. Just go switch.


Yeah Pin, you should switch.


What? Are you trying to exclude me?

Everyone: Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch, Switch!

Pin: Okay okay, I switched.

Fries: Finally.

<Gelatin spins the wheel which lands on a tug-of-war contest>

Everyone: <gasps>

<Theme song plays>

<Both teams are seen pulling a rope over a pit. Donut's team ends up falling in the pit and land on a screen for elimination>

Coiny: Did we lose?

Pin: Yeah, we lost.

Coiny: We should have won.

Pin: I agree.

Donut: Do not comment to vote! Instead, rate these videos.

<Leafy is in Yoyleland with BoomBox>

BoomBox: Has this ever happened to you? Do you want to know where Leafy is but you don't know where Leafy is? Well do we have the solution for you. Buy our new Leafy Detector as soon as you possibly can. "Why would you ever want to do that?" you ask. Here's why. Our lovely little lettuce-colored locator is revolutionary Leafy locator. Buy now.

Leafy: <switches off BoomBox>

<Episode ends>

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