Episode Gallery Transcript


Hey guys, let's play catch!


Pencil throws the ball to Bubble and she catches it
Bubble throws the ball to Ice Cube and lands on her head


It's no fun without Match.


What a hoireble ploice, the Tiny Loser Chamber musn't be for Match!


Yeah, Ice Cube, you're a good person, but Match is way better!

Ice Cube



Match is way better, by a mile! Icy, compared to Match... you're garbage.
(Intro plays)
(The basket dumps the loaves of bread and dumps Pin, Needle, Teardrop, Woody and Coiny)


Ice Cube, Leafy, Eraser and Firey, last episode you four had the lowest scores. The voters have voted. Let's see which of the four of you will be eliminated.
Cake at Stake theme plays


I really hope Ice Cube doesn't get eliminated, she doesn't deserve to.


Yeah, yeah, blah blah, whatever.


Hey, that was mean!


Are you ready yet?

Firey: Y-yeah?


Okay, then. First, I'd like to point out, that we have a large crowd watching this event today.

(camera pans to crowd showing character names)

The voting number shows 220


So, we got 220 votes. David?

David: Yeah?


For some reason, 39 people voted exclusively for you.

David: Aw, seriously?


Voters, David was someone you were not allowed to vote for. Anyway, I have ten nickels.


No cake this time!?


Nope. Moving on. If you get a nickel, you are safe for this episode. If you don't, you will be eliminated.

Bubble: That's hoarsh!


So the seven of you who did not fall into the bottom four are safe from elimination.

(Announcer launches seven nickels at Rocky, Spongy, Bubble, Pencil, Pen, Blocky and Tennis Ball.


There are only three nickels remaining. Leafy, you only got 20 votes, so you are safe.

(Announcer launches a nickel at Leafy and she catches it)

Leafy: Yeah!


Firey, with ameasly 29 votes, you are also safe.

(Announcer launches a nickel at Firey and he catches it)




There is only one nickel left. Ice Cube, Eraser, one of you will be eliminated.

(Drumroll noise plays)

(Eraser's votes are 99 and Ice Cube's are 33)


Eraser, goodbye.

(Eraser gets teleported to the TLC)


Ice Cube, you get to stay for another day...

(Announcer launches a nickel at Ice Cube and she shatters)


...or not.


So, now with Eraser gone, you are the final ten again.

All: Yay!


As a reward, you get another half of a pair of scissors.

Firey: Ooh, so now I have two!

(Firey combines the two halves together)


Nice scissors, huh?



(TLC, showing Eraser with only one half of the scissors, with Teardrop, Pin and Coiny appearing for the background)





This screen is currently showing your scores. But at the end of this episode, the three people with the lowest scores will be up for elimination. Moving on, try to guess what's under this blanket.

Leafy: Bonus points!

Pen: A mini version of Dream Island!

Pencil: A previously eliminated contestant!

Blocky: A dead body!

Firey: Hmm... a barf bag, and... a taco.


Hold on, Firey, you're right.
The blanket flies out, revealing the two recommended characters, Taco and Barf Bag.




In this episode, you each have a choice on what contest you would like to participate in.

(Screen expands, showing Announcer, the contestants and TV)


You can choose between Barf Bag-

(The word Barf Bag appears on TV)


-or Taco.

(The word Taco appears on TV)

Firey: I will choose the taco contest.

Bubble, Ice Cube and Pencil: *altogether* We choose the barf bag!

Pen: Hmm... that's a tough choice. I will say taco.

Leafy: I also think the tacos are quite delicious.

Rocky: *barfs in a barf bag, symbolizing Rocky choosing the barf bag contest)

Spongy: *muffled* Taco!

Blocky: Barf bag! *laughs*

Tennis Ball: I choose the one with the taco.


So now you all have chosen. Let's start with the barf bag contest.

Announcer: Your all floating in the large barf bag, For every second you stay on top of you island, You Earn One point.

(Timer appears)



Pencil: OMG Bubble, It's actually vomit?


No, It's colored water.

(Rocky barfs)


Never mind.

Pencil: EW! This is so gross! OMG, Rocky why did you have to do that!?


(Pencil throws bowlling ball to Rocky)

(Rocky falls into vomit)

Bubble: That was moine (mean) pencil!

Blocky: Ha!

(Blocky throws bowling ball)

(Pencil, Bubble, Ice Cube jump)

(Bowling Ball punctures barf bag)

(Pen cover with vomit)

Pencil: OMG, a leak!

(Pencil blocks leak with a pillow)

Blocky: Whatever.

Pencil: Grrrrr

(Pencil throws vomit on Blocky making him fall)

Pencil: Bubble! Let's make ice cream!

Pencil: Cone (grabs an ice cream cone), Ice (grabs ice cube), Flavoring (puts vomit on icy and cone), Whipped Cream! (puts whipped cream on the top.)

Pencil: Voila! Taste it!

(Bubble licks it and falls off because of it's nasty taste and pops)

(Pencil tastes it)

Pencil: Aww, Yuck! This tastes absolutely terrible! This is garbage!

(throws ice cream into vomit)

(Pillow falls out showing the hole again)

Pencil: Oh no! (starts screaming then falls out)


Well, that happened quickly.

(scores are shown)


Now it's time for the Taco contest.

Pen: Which is? See, I'm filling in for Eraser.


Try to make a taco. You can use any ingredients you want. Go.

Tennis Ball: Okay, so I'll need a tortilla, some lettuce, a tomato...

Pencil: I'm really glad I didn't choose the Taco contest.


Huh? Why not?

Pencil: You know what? I don't wanna hear any stupid questions right now.

(Pencil pops Bubble)

Pen: Hey Leafy, why are you making such a big taco?

Leafy: So if anyone is having trouble making a taco themselves, I can lend some!

Pen: Oh, so, is it like you'll do it for me?

Leafy: Uhh, I guess so?

Pen: Yeah, I got myself a serving right here!

Leafy: Grr!

Pen: So, how much do I gotta pay?


Pen: Well, what do you know?

Spongy makes his taco

(Firey puts a tomato in his taco and it burns)

Firey: Aw, now I have to start all over again!

Tennis Ball: I'm done.


That's good.

Spongy: Me too!


Wow! Armless people are ahead.

(Leafy slices the taco)

Leafy: Here, take it.

(Leafy shows his taco to the Announcer)

Leafy: Here's my taco.

Pen: Mine too!

Pencil: Come on, Firey. Hurry up!

Firey: Okay, I'm done.

Firey shows his taco to the Announcer

Firey: Here's my taco. I-it's a bit burnt, though.


So all five of you finished. Tennis Ball, you finished first. Let's see how good your taco is. The ten eliminated contestants will taste your taco. You'll get 10 points for each person who likes your taco.

(Camera pans to TV)


The results are coming in. Let's see what they have to say.

(Tennis Ball gets 5 likes and earns 50 points)


Tennis Ball, exactly half of the eliminated contestants like your taco.

Tennis Ball: I was expecting a bit more, considering the fact that you've been feeding them only bread for the past 13 months.


Whatever. Spongy is next.

(Spongy gets 8 likes and earns 80 points)

(Leafy applauds for Spongy)

Leafy: Woo! Good job, Spongy!


Even though you'd use your feet to make your taco, 8 people liked it.

Spongy: Yay!


Leafy, you had the largest taco.

(Leafy gets 6 likes and earns 60 points)

Leafy: That's pretty good. I'll take it.


Up next is Pen. To guarantee your staying here for one more episode, you need at least 4 likes.

Pen: Come on, come on!

(Pen gets 3 likes and earns 30 points)

Pen: What?


People can tell when you've cheated.

Pen: Aw...


Firey, hello.

Firey: Hello.


You are the last person, you know.

Firey: Yeah.


Bubble and Rocky are already guaranteed to be in the danger zone. Either you or Pen will join them. Firey, to beat Pen and get out of the danger zone, you need at least 6 likes.

Firey: 6 likes, okay.


Let's see how you did.

(Firey gets 7 likes and earns 70 points)

Firey: Yes!

Pen: No!

Firey: I guess eliminated contestants like burnt food, you know all crispy and everything.


So that means that Pen, Bubble and Rocky fall into the danger zone. So the voting will only be between the three of them. People, vote off which one you think should be eliminated from the Battle for Dream Island.

(Comment to vote! Voting period ends on March 10. Episode 16 will be released on April 1.)

Eraser: So, I guess they aren't sending us any more tacos?

(End of episode)

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