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Vomitaco is the 15th episode of Battle for Dream Island, featuring Barf Bag and Taco for the guests. It was aired on March 1st, 2011.

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 15 "Vomitaco"-108:49

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 15 "Vomitaco"-1



The below information contains spoilers for BFDI/BFDIA/IDFB/BFB. Please watch the episodes in question if you haven't seen them already.

Before the intro

Pencil, Bubble, and Ice Cube were playing catch, until Pencil says that "It's no fun without Match." (due to her being eliminated in the previous episode) She then goes on to say to Ice Cube that "Match is way better, and Ice Cube is 'garbage' in comparison".

Cake at Stake

At Cake at Stake, it is revealed that David received 39 votes exclusively for him. The Speaker goes on saying that they were not allowed to vote for him. With 99 out of the 220 votes, Eraser was eliminated. The Speaker then gives the remaining 10 contestants another half of a scissor. The screen then cut to Eraser, who groans with his one-half of the scissor and sighed.

Contestant Votes Percentage of votes Total votes
Leafy 20 9.09% 23
Firey 29 13.18% 43
Ice Cube 33 15% 44
Eraser 99 45% 102


The Speaker then says that for the challenge, the contestants had to either compete in a Barf Bag contest, or a Taco contest. Pencil, Ice Cube, Bubble, Rocky, and Blocky decided to do the barf bag contest, while Firey, Pen, Leafy, Spongy, and Tennis Ball choose the taco contest.

For the barf bag contest, the contestants were floating in a huge barf bag, and had to say on their "island" for the longest time. The number of points they got depended on how long they stayed on their "island". The Speaker explained that the "vomit" is actually colored water, but said "never mind" when Rocky barfed in it. Pencil became angry and threw the bowling ball to Rocky, knocking him off. The ball then rolled to Blocky. He threw it. But everyone dodged it, causing the barf bag to leak. Pencil threw a pillow to make the leak stop. Pen got hit by the vomit leaking out of the bag. Pencil threw the barf at Blocky, and it hit him, making him fall. Pencil made an ice cream cone by mixing Ice Cube and barf with whipped cream. She gave it to Bubble who found it disgusting, causing her to fall in and pop. Pencil tastes it and found that it was terrible. She threw the ice cream away (Meaning Ice Cube was out) and the hole started leaking again when the pillow couldn't hold anymore, resulting in Pencil falling out. The results were: Rocky lasted 17 seconds, Blocky lasted 37 seconds, Bubble lasted 48 seconds, Ice Cube lasted 55 seconds, and Pencil lasted for 60 seconds.

For the taco contest, the contestants had to make a taco using provided ingredients. TB picks his ingredients while Spongy quickly finished his taco. Pen sees Leafy making a huge taco, and asks her if he can have half of it. She agrees, but Pen has to pay "200 vigintillion dollars". Pen pays for this by using a Paper slip (which were mentioned earlier in the series). Firey burned his taco, and had to restart. Tennis Ball and Spongy finished their tacos, much to the speaker's surprise. Leafy cut her taco in half, and brought it over with Pen to the announcer. Firey finally managed to make an intact taco, although it was a bit burnt.


For judging, the contestants within the Tiny Loser Chamber tasted their tacos, and the contestants got 10 points for every person that liked their taco. Tennis Ball got 50 points, though he expected more since they'd only been fed bread for the past 13 months. Spongy got a lot of contestants who liked his taco, getting 80 points (even though he used his feet to make his taco). Leafy got 60 points, which she thought was pretty good. Pen needed 40 points or more to guarantee him staying out of the Danger Zone, but he only got 30 points (due to eliminated contestants pointing out he cheated), and Announcer commented "People can tell when you cheated."Firey needed at least six likes, or 60 points to send Pen into the Danger Zone. Ultimately, he got 70 points after he burnt his taco twice, making him safe for another episode. He commented how eliminated contestants must like burnt food, "all crispy and everything".

Results Score Contest Earn Changes Position
Blocky 83 Barf Bag 37 120 4th↓
Pencil 81 Barf Bag 60 141 1st↑
Pen 79 Taco 30 109 8th↓
Tennis Ball 70 Taco 50 120 4th
Rocky 61 Barf Bag 17 78 10th↓
Bubble 60 Barf Bag 48 108 9th↓
Spongy 58 Taco 80 138 2nd↑
Ice Cube 57 Barf Bag 55 112 7th↑
Leafy 53 Taco 60 113 6th↑
Firey 51 Taco 70 121 3rd↑

In the end, Pen, Bubble, and Rocky were in the Danger Zone, and were up for elimination. At the end of the episode Eraser wondered if they were going to get more tacos.


  • This episode had the first use of the Box of Paper Slips.
  • The episode title "Vomitaco" is a portmanteau of "Vomit" and "Taco", the name of the two contests.
  • This is the only episode with a one-sided challenge.
  • Without people voting for David this episode would've got 181 votes.


  • When the basket of bread is dumped into the TLC, Teardrop is seen in it even though she didn't drown.
    • Also, Golf Ball isn't in it even though she drowned.
  • Firey stops flaming a few times.
  • After Announcer says "Final 10", Rocky says "Bulleh" but he doesn't barf and Ice Cube says "Wow" without moving her mouth.


  • Ice Cube is shattered by a nickel.
  • Bubble pops when she falls in vomit.
  • Pencil popped Bubble with her finger.


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Non-Starting Characters

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