This is a list of all recommended characters that are different versions of Spongy.

Blue Spongy

Blue Spongy is a recommended character who was recommended by simondomino in "Bowling, Now With Explosions!" It is a blue version of Spongy who had already appeared in the April Fools puppet show at the beginning of the episode.

Evil Spongy

Evil Spongy first appeared in "Gardening Hero", gasping. He was recommended by ILVGwebmaster, MechaXenoxine and coolmatt1019.

Eviler Spongy

Eviler Spongy first appeared in "Today's Very Special Episode". In this case, he is an eviler clone of Spongy. He was recommended by Billy S.

Giant Cyan Spongy

Giant Cyan Spongy is a giant, cyan version of Spongy. It was recommended in "The Glistening", however, their actual appearance was in "Hurtful!". It was recommended by UtopianJenna. It appear to be legless, or the legs were covered by the sign in front of it.

Plasma Spongy

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Plasma Spongy was recommended by alexlion05. He is similar to Spongy, however he is glowing green.

Rainbow Spongy

Rainbow Spongy was a recommended character that appeared in "The Reveal". It was recommended by alexlion05. Rainbow Spongy is identical to Spongy, but the only difference is that the former is rainbow-colored.

Weird Spongy

Weird Spongy is a recommended character that appeared in "Insectophobe's Nightmare 2". It is a version of Spongy that has the mouth that Bubble uses when saying "yoylecake" and Check-it Eyebrows.


Spongezilla is a gigantic version of Spongy that first appeared in "The Liar Ball You Don't Want".


  • Blue Spongy is the only recommended character to have a puppet of him.
    • Blue Spongy is the only non-contestant character to have a speaking role.