This is a list of all recommended characters that are different versions of Pencil.

Baby Pencil

Baby Pencil was in episode 17. They were recommend by simondomino. They are a baby version of Pencil wearing a diaper. They were seen sitting next to Baby Leafy and Baby Firey.

Black Pencil

Black Pencil is a black-colored version of Pencil. They have white eyes and mouth to counter their body's colors. They appeared in Hurtful!, and was recommended by TDMShadowCP.

Blue Pencil

Blue Pencil was in episode 18. They are a blue-colored version of Pencil. They were recommended by Ipsgirl32.

Broken Pencil

Broken Pencil is literally Pencil broken in half. They were recommended by Carraid17. They appeared in Rescission as one of the recommended characters that got disintegrated when Pencil pressed the Emergency Button at them.

Carpenter's Pencil

Carpenter's Pencil

Carpenter's Pencil is a recommended character appeared in Get in the Van. They placed 2nd out of the Top 25 recommended characters in that episode, only exceeded by Waffle. They were recommended by wbnk.

Orange Pencil

Orange Pencil is an orange version of Pencil. They appeared in Gardening Hero.

Pencil Clone

Pencil Clone was in episode 16. They are an exact clone of Pencil. They were recommended by PestramishowALT.

Male Pencil

Male Pencil was in The Reveal. He was pencil with a mustache.

Mechanical Pencil

Mechaniacak pencil

Mechanical Pencil is a version of Pencil that appeared in Lick Your Way to Freedom, recommended by Numberscrub. It looks like as if Pencil and Roboty were fused together.