This is a list of all recommended characters that are different versions of Pen.

Baby Pen

Baby Pen is a recommended character that appeared in Episode 17. It is a baby version of Pen wearing a diaper. It was recommended by simondomino.

Broken Pen

​Broken Pen was in BFDIA 4. It was recommended by redking632. It was placed 16th out of all Top 25 characters. In the episode, it got hit by the tip of the Eiffel Tower, unintentionally by Pin.

Girl Pen

Girl Pen is a recommended character that was recommended by billybillybobjim in The Reveal. Girl Pen looks completely identical to Pen except for having a pink pen cap instead of the blue one. As the name suggests, Girl Pen may be female.

Green Pen

Green Pen is a recommended character that appeared in The Reveal. They were recommended by Englishcreamcakes. They are identical to Pen, but green-colored.

Red Pen

Symbol 2 copy0001

"Hey , !" - Pen

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Red Pen is a version of Pen with a red cap.


Prinly is a character recommended by aristagirlz in Don't Pierce My Flesh. It is a purple Pen.