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This is the list of all Recommended Characters that are different variations of Leafy.

3D Leafy

3D Leafy is a normal Leafy, the difference is that she wears a pair of 3D glasses.

Evil Leafy

Main article: Evil Leafy

Evil Leafy is an evil-faced and red version of Leafy. Unlike the other variations of characters, she has a chance to join BFDI and BFDIA. However, she didn't and was sent to the LOL.

Fall Leafy

Fall Leafy

Fall Leafy was in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2. She was recommended by Thefundude48. She is a fall version of Leafy, or to be more simple, an orange-yellowish version of her.

Baby Leafy

Baby Leafy was in The Reveal. She was recommended by DragonBallNC. She is a baby version of Leafy, wearing diaper. She was seen sitting next to Baby Firey.

Yellow Leafy

Yellow Leafy are in Rescission and was recommended by simondomino. She appeared in Rescission, and was disintegrated with Pencil's Emergency Button.

Leafy Troll Face


Leafy Troll Face was recommended by ThirstySkunk910.

Male Leafy

Male Leafy was in Don't Pierce My Flesh. He is basically leafy with a mustache. He was recommended by AnaisWuv and SuperDinorun.

Blue Leafy With Yellow Stripe

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