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This is the list of all the recommended characters that are different variations of Eraser.

Blue Eraser

Blue Eraser is a recommended character who is a blue re-color of Eraser. It was recommended by jamalioHabbo14 & L0VRINA.

Green Eraser

Green Eraser, along with Green Pen, appeared in Episode 17 The Reveal. Green Eraser and Green Pen were both recommended by englishcreamcakes, who happened to be mentioned as the first Pencil voter in the same episode.

Orange Eraser

Orange Eraser appeared in episode 18. It is an orange version of Eraser, recommended by metroidshroom.

White Eraser

White Eraser is a recommended character from Gardening Hero. It was recommended by razeblox. White Eraser is a white recolored variation of Eraser.