Someone deleted content from a couple pages, so I restoring all the content. Everything should be back to normal in the next few moments, stay tuned! ;3 -Soul (aka waluigifreak789, lulz)

Well, all 7 pages that were removed have been restored by me! :3 Happy Editing, and remember kids, don't be a Naily! (or a hacker...) In case you were wondering, these pages got removed:

Golf Ball

Tear Drop



BFDI Fan Page

Are You Smarter than a Snowball?


But there back now, so thats good, your welcome! ;3 -Soul (waluigifreak789)

Hey Guys! So, the hacker has returned, and he's out to get me, in other words, along with deleting content from pages, he's also deleted all content from my page. Here we go again, I ain't going down without a fight guys, I'm off to re-restore the pages, again! ;3

Well, it turns out he only deleted the content from my page, but I'll continue to be on the lookout for any other deletions he makes to pages. Don't worry guys! ;3 -Soul (waluigifreak789)

...And while I was writing all that, he deleted more pages, better get started >;3

And with that I have restored 7-8 more pages, all character pages, you done screwin around hacker, I could go all night if I ant to. -Soul (waluigifreak789)

And he's back, leave it to me guys! ;3 -Soul(waluigifreak789)

All 5 pages, and my user page have been restored. Will this Hacker ever realize he's wasting his time. Hacker, if your reading this, I think I might know who you are, DYLANNOTEBOOK100!! Just because we deleted all the content from your FAKE page, doesn't mean you can act this way, its childish, admit defeat, I forgive you. :3 -Soul (waluigifreak789)

Well, well, I've figured out the Hacker, IT WAS ZAKAWER!! That moron forgot to log off when he began hacking, so he blew his cover, he isn't anonymous at all! Well, he deleted content again, so I'm going to go fix it. -Soul(waluigifreak789)

Once again, we're back to normal, take that Zakawer! >:3 Even the pages you double hacked are back to normal, nice try!