You can recommend characters that have a chance to join the show! If you already signed up, you can still recommend a character. You can recommend multiple characters. You must sign up to recommend a character.


Here's a ruleset by Derpyunikitty here:

1. Recolors or minor changes on a existing BFDI contestant is OK.

2. Original OC's are allowed

3. Davids, even if based on a copyrighted character, are OK.

4. Objects that are something copyrighted (Ex. Nintendo Ds, iPhone, Pokemon, (But they have to at least have a david face or basis) etc.) but have object show eyes, mouths, and limbs are allowed.

5. Characters based on something outright, like Taylor Swift's head with object show limbs, a rip of John Cena's cap that is not it's own asset, or anything that is cringey are not allowed.

6. Existing BFDI RCs are not allowed.

Current RCs

View the entire RC cast here!

Wave 1


Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

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