When we get to 30, I might even add a storyline!

The Scratch version...

Can be found here.


This BFDI camp is about the TLC prisoners from BFDIA battling for Wish Bush, a magic bush that is the doorway to a magical land that they can shape to their heart's content, provided they have the deed.

Sign Up

Choose who you want to be already! You also need to reccomend a character.

Available Contestants

Unavailable Contestants

Dora speaks Spanish. If you wish to choose her, you must provide Spanish text, then English text in parentheses.

Como este. (Like this.)

All of Roboty's lines are in Morse code. You can do parentheses like Dora. Teardrop is silent. Yes, you can make up personalities for the recommended characters. If you break these rules, you get a strike. If you miss an episode, you get a strike. Three strikes and your role will be given out again. If you are banned, your role will be given out again.

The Early Bird Bonus

The points system is present from the beginning. If you are one of the following contestants that are eligible for the Early Bird Bonus, you may claim it now in the comments. If you don't claim it, your contestant will be up for re-signups.



Barf Bag

Blocky (16 bonus points)

Bracelety (20 bonus points)




Eraser (16 bonus points)


Grassy (20 bonus points)

Lightning (20 bonus points)


Match (20 bonus points)



Reccomending Characters

You can reccomend characters that have a chance to join the show! If you already signed up, you can still reccomend a character.

Check out the entire RC cast here!

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