Alrighty. I am here to send you some things about how to make your very own BFDI OC! First of all, we'll start with the


So... we'll give my OC, Computery, a review.


  • Good asset
  • Good personality
  • An object


  • (somehow) Unoriginal idea
  • The limbs kinda look off.

Yeah. Not too bad, not too perfect.

This is also a problem, as one of the bits was "The limbs kinda look off."

People sometimes tend to make GIANT limbs and face.
  • NOT how you make an image of your OC.
  • This, however, is.

Next up, the


You can make an asset in any way, but some people tend to do rubbish ones. You can see the difference in this slideshow.

  • Bad Asset,
  • Good Asset

to be continued...