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Firey: Are they serious? A crying contest?

Coiny: Um, Yeah, So?

Firey: Don't you know Coiny? Crying means water! Water is my poison!

"A glass container appears"

Firey: Uh-Oh, This means we're about to start!


"The Murderer Trouts start crying"

Bubble: Wah!

Firey: Aaah!

Golf Ball: Hey, Eraser? Why aren't you crying?

Eraser: Crying is for wimps! Me, I'm not a wimp!

"Meanwhile On the Yelling Beavers"

Yelling Beavers: Waah!


"The water level of the container is almost full"

Firey: Yikes!


"A sign that was counting down the time says 0:00 now"

Announcer: The Murderer Trout have 2.1 liters, but the Yelling Beavers have 2.4. Pick the people you would like going, Murderer Trout.

"Firey votes for Coiny, Golf Ball, and Eraser"

Firey: Coiny can't remember!

"Golf Ball votes for Eraser, Firey, and Pencil"

Golf Ball: None of them cried!


Announcer: Ok, I will say all your names from safest to least safe. Bubble got Zero votes.

Bubble: Yeah!

Announcer: Spongy one, Pencil one, Coiny one.

Firey: What? I was the only one?

Announcer: Golf Ball three, Woody five. And... Firey (6 votes)

Eraser: What!?

Firey: Whew!

Eraser: I'm the only one here who is not a wimp!

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