Tokens are items that can all only be used once. Each token has a unique color and ability.

Win Token


A Win Token

Main article: Win Token

Win Tokens are a token which you could use before an elimination to remove half of all your votes. If you had more than one Win Token you could only use one at a time. It's green-colored.

Postpone Token

The Postpone Token is a token used to reset the self-destruction time of the HPHPRCC back to 15 seconds. Its color is magenta.

Postpone Token

A Postpone Token

B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E. Tokens

BAGUETEE's token

All twelve tokens in BAGUETTE

In B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E. 4c, carykh announced that there will be tokens in the camp. The tokens are:

  • Win Token - Halves all of your votes. (Green)
  • Immunity Token - Gives you immunity. (Red)
  • Revenge Token - Removes half of your votes and gives them to another Gelatin up for elimination. (Turquoise)
  • Swap Token - Swaps your votes with a Gelatin of your choice. (Blue)
  • Yoyle Token - Turns you into metal during the elimination. Completely useless. (Purple)
  • Guess Token -  When you use it, guess how many votes you got, the difference between your guess and the votes will be your new amount of votes. (Pink)
  • Co-operation Token - If two Gelatins use this together, both of their scores becomes the lower of the two. (Yellow)
  • First Token - The first voters vote is the only one that counts. (Brown)
  • Acquire Token - When you use it, you will get every token used at the elimination. (Orange)
  • Theft Token - When you use it, you can steal a token from a Gelatin that is not up for elimination. (Black)
  • Preserve Token - When you use it with another token, you could keep that token. (White)
  • Multi-Token - Use this with two other tokens (other than Preserve Tokens and Multi-Tokens), all in the same elimination. (Gray)

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