Tokens are items that can all only be used once. Each token has a unique color and ability.

Win Token


A Win Token

Main article: Win Token

Win Tokens are a token which you could use before an elimination to remove half of all your votes. If you had more than one Win Token you could only use one at a time. It's green-colored.

Postpone Token

Postpone Token is a token used to reset the self-destruction time of the HPHPRCC back to 15 seconds. Its color is magenta.

B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E. Tokens

BAGUETEE's token

All twelve tokens in BAGUETTE

In B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E. 4c, carykh announced that there will be tokens in the camp, the tokens are:

  • Win Token - Halves all of your votes. (Green)
  • Immunity Token - Gives you immunity. (Red)
  • Revenge Token - Removes half of your votes and gives them to another Gelatin up for elimination. (Turquoise)
  • Swap Token - Swaps your votes with a Gelatin of your choice. (Blue)
  • Yoyle Token - Turns you into metal during the elimination. Completely useless. (Purple)
  • Guess Token -  When you use it, guess how many votes you got, the difference between your guess and the votes will be your new amount of votes. (Pink)
  • Co-operation Token - If two Gelatins use this together, both of their scores becomes the lower of the two. (Yellow)
  • First Token - The first voters vote is the only one that counts. (Brown)
  • Acquire Token - When you use it, you will get every token used at the elimination. (Orange)
  • Theft Token - When you use it, you can steal a token from a Gelatin that is not up for elimination. (Black)
  • Preserve Token - When you use it with another token, you could keep that token. (White)
  • Multi-Token - Use this with two other tokens (other than Preserve Tokens and Multi-Tokens), all in the same elimination. (Gray)

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