Eraser talking to Pen about the secret message/coincidence

In Return of the Hang Glider, Eraser explains to Pen that a really cool coincidence would occur if you took the words in place of the episode number in each episode. Then line up those words in order of what episode it came from. Which in the episode, Pen refused to believe that fact. However, it is proven that the message does exist!

Since there are 25 episodes in season one, there is 25 words total in the message. Here is the Season One message:

"Yeah, what is it now? I see you are taking the word with the place of the episode number. This is it. Message, no coincidence."

In season two, there are 2 extra contestants, which meant there would be a couple more episodes. Since the season ended before more episodes could be made, there are some words missing, but here is the message so far:

"Don't try that thing again..."

Episodes 5b through 5e will likely not be included in the message, since they are parts and not episodes. BFDI Episode 1 Part 2 was not included, as an example.

The sixth word of BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes is "because," so "Don't try that thing again because" is what was likely the updated message.

In season three, the length of the season was unknown, or even if this season had a secret message at all. Only one word is known so far, which was spoken by Ruby at the start of her blog.


In season four, the length of the season is also unknown, as well as if this season even has a secret message.

"Hey...Huh? Excited up who loud the looking me Balloony...”


The actual 22nd word of Episode 22 happens to be "is":

  1. Hey
  2. Flower
  3. come
  4. check
  5. this
  6. out
  7. Whatever
  8. it
  9. is
  10. I
  11. don't
  12. care
  13. But
  14. Flower
  15. this
  16. time
  17. it's
  18. really
  19. important
  20. Unless
  21. it
  22. is
  23. Dream
  24. Island...

It is seen that in this scenario, "whatever" is seen as two words by Jacknjellify in order to have "it" as the 22nd word spoken in the episode to complete the message. In reality, however, "whatever", in both context and at the situation the word is spoken, is only seen as one word, so the real 22nd word is is, not it, like how the message should be. This is most likely a grammar mistake that Jacknjellify simply overlooked during the making of the episode.