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Episode Gallery Transcript

Before the intro


Hello Bubble.


Hey Leafy!
Leafy: Since you, are so wonderful, I'm giving you a gift.
[Leafy gives Bubble a red present box]
Bubble: Wow! That's the nicest thing anyone have ever done for me!


Don't open it, Bubble. It could be a trap!
Bubble: I can do what I want!
[Bubble open the present box]
(Inside the present box is a pair of blue spring shoes)
Bubble: Ooh! They're the springy shoes I've always wanted!
[Bubble wear the spring shoes and bounces away]
Bubble: Thanks Leafy!
Leafy: You're welcome.
[Pencil steps in]
Pencil: Hey! I want a gift!
Leafy: Ohhh, ahhh, well, ahh, well...
Pencil: Gimme!
[Leafy takes Bubble's spring shoes]
Leafy: Here.
Pencil: Geez, thanks!
Bubble: *screams*
[Bubble falls down and pop herself]
Leafy: Ice Cube, I got some for you too!
[Leafy gives Ice Cube a pairs of red spring shoes]

Ice Cube

Whaaa? Thanks!
[Cuts to Pencil doing flips and fall down, head first]
[Ice Cube jump into and puncture deep into Pencil's pen driver]
[BRC recovers Bubble]
[Bubble looks at Pencil and Ice Cube]
Bubble: Hey! Those are mine!
[Bubble take the pairs of spring shoes from Pencil and Ice Cube]
[BFDI Intro plays]

After the intro


Let's do Cake at Stake.
[Cake at Stake intro plays]
Announcer: So, as the nine of you know, all of you are up for elimination.


Except for me.
Announcer: Yes. Firey, except for you. So now it's time to see who will be eliminated. We've got a large crowd watching us again. Stalkers.
[Camera shows the recommended characters watching]
Announcer: However, one may join the game.
[Everyone gasps]
Announcer: But I'll get to that later. We have 288 votes. Anyway, here are 8 knives. If you are safe, I'll throw you a knife.

Tennis Ball

I'm not sure if I want to be safe!
Announcer: So first, Firey had immunity so he's safe.
[Firey gets a knife, but it hits a tree]
Firey: Woah!
Announcer: Ice Cube only had 5 votes. She's safe. Fling.
[Ice Cube gets a knife, but it hits a tree]
Ice Cube: Ahhh!
Announcer: Bubble and Leafy got 7 and 10 votes respectively.
Bubble: What a relief!
[Bubble and Leafy get a knife, but they hit a tree once again]
Announcer: Spongy. Despite your extreme fatness, you only received 28 votes.
[Spongy gets a knife, and it hits him]
Spongy: Woah.
Announcer: On April 1st, 2011, history was made. Englishcreamcakes cast the first vote for Pencil.
Pencil: Oh no, seriously?
Announcer: It turns out she got 37 other votes, too. Regardless, with only 38 votes, Pencil is safe. Fling.
[Pencil gets a knife, but it goes past her]
Pencil: That's 38 more votes than I expected!
[Lights shine down on Tennis Ball, Blocky, and Rocky]
Announcer: So it's Tennis Ball, Blocky, or Rocky, to be eliminated.
Announcer: Well, it's not Rocky. Fling.
[Rocky vomits at the knife, breaking it]
Announcer: And it's not Tennis Ball. Fling.
[A knife is thrown at Tennis Ball]
Tennis Ball: Ahhhhhhh!
Announcer: Blocky, I'm sorry, but you received 112 votes. That's enough to eliminate you again.


What!? You can't eliminate me, I-I'm like the star of the show!
[Flashback to Episode 4, when Blocky was eliminated]
[Laser Powered Device teleports Blocky to the TLC]
Announcer: So Blocky has been eliminated. Let's take some time to commemorate Blocky's elimination.
Pencil: No! Pssh. Let's not do that.
Leafy: I agree! Let's not.
Announcer: Fine. Whatever. I guess Blocky gets no love. Anyway, you are the final 8.
Firey: Yay! Being in the final 8 without Coiny is wonderful!
Tennis Ball: 8 is also 2 to the 3rd!
Announcer: For your information, these are your current scores. At the end of this episode, the 3 people with the lowest scores will be up for elimination. Now it's time to start the 17th contest. We will be throwing frisbees.
Firey: Ooh yay!
[Firey throws a saw at Pencil]
Announcer: But before we can begin, you must pair up.
Tennis Ball: Uhh pair up? Ok.
Pencil: OMG Bubble, we so like have to be partners!
Bubble: Yeah!
Ice Cube: What?
Pencil: Oh sorry Ice Cube. I'd let you in if i could, but I can't.
[Ice Cube kicks Pencil]
Pencil: Agh!
Ice Cube: Revenge!


Hmmm. Ah hah! Ice Cube come on down you can be my ally!
Ice Cube: Thanks for picking me, Pencil wouldn't let me into her alliance.
Pencil: You are in our alliance Icy, just not right now.
[Spongy walks towards Rocky then sits, Rocky then vomits at Spongy]
Firey: Well, the gross ones are in a team so I guess I'm with you Tennis Ball.
Announcer: So are you done forming teams?


Announcer: Each team gets a Frisbee. Stay on opposite sides of the zone. Try to have three successful catches.
Bubble: Ooh! That might not be so easy!
Announcer: But if you don't finish before the Sun goes down, you will incur a penalty.
[Lighting noises]
Announcer: Go.
Tennis Ball: Ok, ready?
Firey: Ready!
[Tennis Ball throws the Frisbee, but it lands in front of Firey]
[Firey sighs]
Tennis Ball: Sorry!
Leafy: C'mon, Ice Cube! Let's get first!
[Throws Frisbee and shatters Ice Cube]
[Leafy Gasps]
[Bubble throws a Frisbee, Pencil catches it and give Bubble a thumbs up]
[Rocky barfs a frisbee and hits Spongy's face]
Firey: Throw harder!
[Tennis Ball throws a frisbee and Firey catches it with his mouth]
Tennis Ball: Wow! That was amazing!
[Firey throws back the frisbee with his tongue]
Firey: I know right?
[Tennis Ball tries to to throw the frisbee but it's stuck to his leg]
Tennis Ball: Oh no! Your saliva is too sticky!
Leafy: Do I want to recover a recently destroyed ice cube? Yes.
Leafy: When was the ice cube destroyed? Around 22 seconds ago.
Leafy: What were the dimensions of the ice cube? 8 by 9 by 11.
[Spongy blows the frisbee to Rocky and he Rocky catches it in his mouth]
Firey: Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! The other teams are catching up!
Tennis Ball: I'm trying!
Pencil: Alliance power!
[Bubble catches it by jumping with her springy shoes]
Pencil: Yeah Bubble! Air five!
[Bubble air "fives" the air]
[Tennis Ball tries to throw the frisbee]
Firey: Tennis Ball! Hurry! Now!
Leafy: Hmm.... tap water I believe?
[Bubble throws the frisbee and Pencil catches it]
Pencil: Yeah! We're done!
[Rocky barfs the frisbee and Spongy catches it with his mouth]


Yay! We did it!
Announcer: Two teams have finished. Two have not, and what do you know? The sun is setting.
[Tennis Ball is frustrated]
Firey: Here! I'll get another frisbee!
[Firey gets another frisbee]
Tennis Ball: Hurry!
[Firey throws the frisbee and Tennis Ball catches it]
Firey: Phew! That's three!
[The sun is setting]
Tennis Ball: Wow that was too close.
Leafy: Okay final question. What was the ice cube's personality? Hmm... i'd say quiet and vengeful.
[Ice Cube suddenly appears]
Leafy: Yay! Ice Cube! Now go to the other side.
[Ice Cube returns to the other side]
Leafy: And catch this frisbee!
[Ice Cube gets shattered by the frisbee]
Leafy: Noooo!
Announcer: That's the end Ice Cube and Leafy will receive a penalty.
[The scene become daytime]
Announcer: Well, that was a short night. Now it's time to receive your rewards. First, Ice Cube, for receiving the fewest votes at this Cake at Stake, you get a prize.
[The card opens, revealing +125 points, everyone claps]
Leafy: Congratulations, Ice Cube!
[The points of Ice Cube were added, raising its score into first place]
Announcer: Pencil and Bubble were the first to finish their catches.
Pencil: Ooh, lest see what we get!
[Pencil opens the card, revealing +200 points each, most people clapped]
Pencil: OMG, yay! [hugs with Bubble]
Spongy: What is it?
[Spongy opens the card, revealing +100 points each, some people clapped]
Spongy: Meh.
Firey: Okay, Tennis Ball, here it is.
[Firey opens the card, revealing +15 points each, few people clapped]
Tennis Ball: It's not much, but I'll guess we'll take it.
Announcer: Let's add those up.
[The points of contestants are added, changing their positions]
Announcer: Ice Cube and Leafy, you received a penalty.
Leafy: Ohh, let's see what it is.
[Leafy opens the card, revealing -1000 points each, everyone clapped]
(Cuts to Blocky's Funny Doings International Commercial)
Blocky: Hey guys! For a prank! Suspend a Firey Recovery Center on above a lake. It's simple! Idea by Simondomino and Geriolah7!
Voiceover: This program was brought to you by Blocky's Funny Doings International.
[Blocky smiles and thumbs up]
Announcer: Leafy and Ice Cube, you each lost 1000 points.
[The points are subtracted on Leafy and Ice Cube's scores]
Announcer: So these are your current scores. Tennis Ball, Ice Cube and Leafy are in the danger zone. But the voters won't be deciding who will be eliminated. The contestants will.
[Leafy, Tennis Ball, Ice Cube and Pencil all gasp]
Announcer: The five contestants who aren't in the danger zone will have one month to choose who to eliminate.
Firey: Ooh, hah hah! Finally some control!


But what will the voters vote on? Well, it turns out that one recommended character will join the game.
[Leafy, Tennis Ball, Ice Cube and Pencil all gasp]

Debuting auditions


We need help deciding which one. Thirty characters were hand-picked out of hundreds. Here they are.


I don't have a favorite number. I really don't.


Ba-ah-hoh! Ah-ah-hoh! (pressing its center)

Barf Bag

[Barf Bag's bag made a hole, causing its barf to leak out]


Tennis balls aren't the only ones with lines


[Rings its bell]


Oh no Firey! You lit my fuse!


I'm a dictionary and you better believe it!


Watches are wannabes.


[Suddenly became angery, showing his two lightnings]


Aw, seriously? [Angry face]


[Speaks to the audience fast]


[Cracked by the cannon ball]

Evil Leafy

[Suddenly appears]


I hate you.


[Eats fries]


[Appears by wind]


I have a tattoo. [Shows its tattoo]


[Nails on Woody, causing him to scream]


I am the new Coiny.








[Takes off its batteries, causing him to faint.

Robot Flower

Vote for me or I'll crush you! [In robot version]


[Speaks like a robot]


Please. Please. Please. Can I join the game, please, please?


[saws on Woody, causing him to scream]




[Swinging its leaves]


[Plays the first Cake at Stake intro]

Announcer: Voters, comment and vote who you think you should join the battle. Voting ends May 10th.

[Another card pans, saying Episode 18 will come out on June 1, 2011]


[The sun rises, causing the TLC to be bent, causing the eliminated contestants to scream]

[The sun stays still]

[Episode ends]

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