Thanks for 4 years! is a short video in which Pen thanks the viewers for their continued viewership with BFDI for 4 years.

The video starts with the same "Happy birthday, BFDI!" circling-around-the-cake animation used in Don't Lose Your Marbles and Get in the Van, but then Pen jumps out, stops the animation, and thanks the viewers for watching BFDI for 4 years and all of the support. As Pen is going for his last line in the video, the Happy Birthday circle catches on fire and drop down, drop to black, showing a card that says "Thanks for 4 years", ending the video with a small Snowball scream.


  • Pen and Snowball are the only ones with a voice appearance in this video.
  • Despite the fact that BFDIA was still running in the making of this video, only the original BFDI cast (with the exception of David and Announcer) appeared in the circle around the cake.
  • This is the first video where the characters break the fourth wall, not counting the ending voting scene in every episodes, starting the Announcers, which is ironic as it was uploaded to celebrate BFDI's 4th birthday.
  • This is the first video that features Pen with eyelashes and his new mouth designs.
  • At the end, Snowball says "Oh god my leg!".


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