TB and GB

"What do you think that cloud looks like?"

Throughout the series, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball maintain a friendship.

There is also a possible romantic relationship going on. Golf Ball said in "Take the Plunge: Part 2" that she only liked Tennis Ball in a platonic way (like siblings), after Coiny claimed that TB and GB had a crush on each other. In Lofty, they were fighting about whether the cloud looked like a golf ball or a tennis ball. However, this is the kind of thing siblings do. They still maintain their friendship in BFDIA, IDFB, and BFB. Tennis Ball also follows Golf Ball's instructions.

Like Pen and Pencil, they have a lot in common too. They're both sports balls, don't have any arms, and are very intelligent.

Episodes showing a friendship

Episodes suggesting a conflict

  • Take the Plunge: Part 2: When Golf Ball attempts to tell her team her plan, Tennis Ball, along with the rest of the team, ignores her.
  • Insectophobe's Nightmare: Tennis Ball shouts at Golf Ball when she cannot walk in synchrony with him.
  • Lofty: In the beginning of the episode, Tennis Ball and Golf Ball are arguing about the ball-shaped cloud.
  • Insectophobe's Nightmare 3: When Golf Ball gets poisoned, Tennis Ball seems rather amused by the fact that she looks like miniature version of him.
  • Today's Very Special Episode: Tennis Ball was also obeying 8-ball instead of Golf Ball, which doesn't connect due to him trying to defend 8-ball to not replace him. He even tried to prevent her from drawing their Four make-over.