TB and GB

What do you think that cloud looks like?

Throughout the series, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball maintain a friendship. There is also a possible romantic relationship going on. Golf Ball once says in Take the Plunge: Part 2 that she only likes Tennis Ball in a platonic way (sibling type of way). Coiny also knew that TB and GB had a crush on each other. However in Lofty, they were fighting on whether the cloud looked like Golf Ball or Tennis Ball. However, this is what siblings do, kind of. They still maintain their friendship in BFDIA and IDFB. Tennis Ball also follows Golf Ball's instructions. Many fans call this relationship TenGolf Ball.

Like Pen and Pencil, they have a lot in common too. They're both sports balls, doesn't have any arms, and are intellectually smart.

Episodes showing a friendship

  • BFDIA Intro: Tennis Ball is sitting right next to Golf Ball. However, it could just be a coincidence, or actually was either's intention to do it.
  • Insectophobe's Nightmare: Tennis Ball said to Rocky that he and Golf Ball are a duo. And both of them was seen tying their legs together.
  • Zeeky Boogy Doog: When everybody is recovering everybody with the HPRC, Tennis Ball chose to recover Golf Ball.
  • Every time Golf Ball managed her team, Tennis Ball became her assistant.
  • At some point, they are just talking to close to each other.
  • IDFB Intro: Golf Ball is once again close to Tennis Ball.
  • Welcome Back: Tennis Ball and Golf Ball go together to the science museum of Yoyle City.


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