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"So, without Ten Words of Wisdom, we're just battling for... NOTHING!?!?!"

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Ten Words of Wisdom (TWOW) is a camp started on December 12, 2015, by Cary Huang. As BAGUETTE is confirmed to be canceled, this show is now its successor.

Rules: Contestants are given a writing prompt, which they must answer or conform to using exactly 10 words. Unlike BAGUETTE, the time limit is very strict.

Unlike its predecessor, the contestants in this camp are now Books instead of Gelatins.

An example contestant in TWOW


Episode 0

Episode 0 is mainly announcing the fact that TWOW exists, this episodes prompt was "What happened to the 31st of November?". Another part of this video was how to join: to join you simply answer the prompt, which is due on December 15th, 2015. So far there are no contestants, but as soon as episode 1a is released voting will start.

Episode 1a

In Episode 1a, an announcement comes out, telling which joined TWOW, and which did not. While the board for the announcement is showing, Cary said sorry to everyone who sent their messages, but didn't joined, due to the YouTube Private Messaging system is still glitchy, stating that their messages didn't get to Cary.

Episode 1b

Contestants and non-contestants alike voted to see who would be eliminated from TWOW. The bottom ten contestants with the lowest score were (from best to worst):

Name: Answer: Votes:
Samuel Argar so what do you have to write in ten words 22
Water Brick Craft WBC Double U BC Hello I'd like to join 10WOW please.:) 17
Tai Mau There was no 1st of the November. 13
ads13000 I wanna Be in TWOW! 19
Nashriq Akmal I wanna join! Please Please Please Please Please Please! 16
Alex Canine i want to be a contestant on TWOW 26
Geometry Dash Demonsodemonic Umm... will you respond? 19
Jaime Mora Lorca The wisdom is for noobs, and Zuma is my best character... 13
Bannapal dog Hi i'm Bannapal dog can I be in town plz that will be great 22
A.N.9K I want to join TWOW. 14


  • There is infinite slots for contestants, but none can join after December 15th, 2015.
  • This is the end of Cary Huang's hiatus from YouTube; he hadn't posted a video for about 4 months.
  • There is no schedule for TWoW.
  • Many people that got eliminated in TWOW 1 said something similar to: "Let me join TWOW!"
    • This was most likely due to the fact that their requesting message to join the camp was sent twice, thus making Cary thinking that it was a request, and the participate in TWoW, separately.
  • One of the fan intros shown in TWOW 15a has the same background as BFDI's.