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That the only one who could free me, was myself.

Taco is a female contestant on Battle for BFDI. She was one of the 30 recommended characters that could've joined Battle For Dream Island in episodes 17/18. However, Taco only received 9 votes along with Marker and Dora and placed 11th/10th place, and got sent to the LOL. Taco was also up for voting for Battle for Dream Island Again, but only got 159 votes and was once again eliminated.

Taco also appeared in Vomitaco as a different version and was a representative for the taco making contest.

Taco's new design features more visible ingredients, a lighter-colored tortilla, which now appears soft, and lettuce sticking out from it at the top.

Taco appeared in the first episode of Battle for BFDI.


Taco appears to be a taco, which it's tortilla changes between BFDIA and IDFB. In BFDI and BFDIA, Taco had a hard tortilla that is unmellow yellow. Their fish was placed on the top, along with always appearing with Check-it Eyebrows. In IDFB, Taco has a soft tortilla that is beige. Taco's ingredients are also more visible, more notably with the lettuce on the top. As of episode 2, she no longer has a fish inside of her because she ate it while she was trapped inside of the Jawbreaker.


Taco may be pushy and aggressive.She will sometimes lead her team to dangerous areas to progress through the challenge, such as The World's Largest Oven.


Golf Ball Stub

"Guys, you're all thinking too small!"

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Saw interacted with Taco in the first challenge of BFB. In the desert, Saw questioned Taco’s decision to run into the desert, and Taco replied saying that is where the basket is taking us. They also interacted when they were swimming in the lava and running in The World's Largest Oven.

Saw tried to convince four to recover Taco, but was interrupted by Stapy, who was interrupted by Grassy.


Bubble intrested in BFDI 15's challenge

Bubble interested.

Golf Ball Stub

"Guys, you're all thinking too small!"

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In Vomitaco, Bubble seems intrigued by the reveal of Barf Bag and Taco.


  1. Half a Loaf Is Better Than None: Jumped in hydrochloric acid vat.
  2. Reveal Novum: Is crushed in the LOL by the sun.
  3. Getting Teardrop to Talk: Burnt to death under lava.


  • Spongy's taco in Vomitaco was the same as Taco's BFDI/A design.
  • There is another recommended character called Taco Guy, who also uses the BFDI 15 design of Taco.
  • Taco may have been freed from the Jawbreakers in Lick Your Way to Freedom since it is seen that Needle, Clock, and Cake were already breaking a jawbreaker that Taco would be inside since every other contestant that died in Getting Teardrop to Talk was freed from the capsules in Episode 2.
  • In Getting Teardrop to Talk when Bleh is running through the largest oven in the world, Taco's fish possibly cooked when they were swimming in the lava, the fish disappeared until Taco died.
  • In the ending scene on Lick Your Way to Freedom, you can see Taco stuck inside the jawbreaker.



  1. Gender confirmed
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