Why are you talking? You're a machine.

TV is a recommended character for BFDI that could've been voted into the competition. He only got 13 votes, placing him 7th in the voting and not entering the game.

In BFDIA, he only received 287 votes (placing him 21st in the voting) which was close but was not enough to join. However, he ended up being the host for a few episodes because he was the closest to the Announcer according to Firey. In Get Digging, Gelatin and Fries complained about his awful Cake at Stake theme. He was able to improve it by about 20 times in Insectophobe's Nightmare 3, according to Fries. The host was then changed to Puffball Speaker Box. Now, TV displays the likes and dislikes for elimination.

He is one of the 4 mechanical minds in BFB.


His IDFB redesign adds a glossy look on his screen and regains his legs.


While TV barely speaks, he uses pictures and words to show how he's feeling and when he is talking to contestants. In BFDI, TV dreams to win Dream Island only to not join the game. He then shows an Announcer being crushed, indicating that TV is angry at him.

In BFDIA, TV expresses excitement when he becomes the host. In later episodes, he can be random and talks about things that just happened using words.

In BFB, TV is the same but ruder to contestants as shown when he tells Robot Flower to stop talking as she is a machine (ironically TV is one like her).


Main article: TV/Relationships

Vote history

Season 1
Episode Votes
18 13 (to join)
Season 2
Episode Votes
1 287 (to join)


  1. Half a Loaf Is Better Than None: Walks into a vat of hydrochloric acid.
  2. Bowling, Now with Explosions!: Burned to death while trapped in a large metal box.
  3. Reveal Novum: Is crushed in the LOL by the sun.


  • TV is the only contestant who has been a host.
  • As seen in Today's Very Special Episode, TV can retract his legs into his body at will.
  • Today's Very Special Episode marks the first time TV has spoken (most other noises made by TV were from either random noises or someone screaming, or the mechanic voices used for announcing Cake at Stake, but now he has a proper voice actor).


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