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This video has been removed...actually, APRIL FOOL'S!


Needy, *slap* I know it is trying to offer something great, but what is that speaker thing? I suggest we dismantle it to find out! *grabs hammer and throws it at the speaker but misses* Oh, I missed.

Ice Cube

Leafy, what's happened? You've become evil!


Icy! *gives Ice Cube a hug* Icy, I'm sorry I killed you.

Ice Cube

I want revenge!


...Cake at Stake.
*Cake At Stake theme plays*


So, since the cherries were dumber, they got a lower total test score. One of them goes home. And the number of votes is, *number of votes being displayed as 00000* hold on 1/60th of a minute, that doesn't seem right. *number of votes being displayed as 00012* Oink, there it is. It was the second time that digit [1] was used, and the third time that digit [2] was used. We weren't sure if they would work. Oh, and, um, Cherries, uh, well, I forgot to buy a cake, so I had to make something. It's a *bam* sliced chunk of Ice. *Ice Cube appears next to the cake*


*About to vomit*


So yeah, if you remain ice-chunk-less, you leave BFDI. And Ice Cube, what are you doing here? You're on the other team.

Ice Cube: *gets flung back to the Squashy Grapes* WAAAAAAAH!

Announcer: Moving on, Pin, you have a Win Token. Would you like to use it now?


Uh, no. I mean, there's nothing mean I-

Announcer: Yeah, yeah. We know. Anyway, at 0 votes, it's-


It's got to be Block...

Announcer: No. It's not. It's all girls...


All girls

Announcer: ...except Match...

Match: Hey!

Pin: Yeah!

Match: HEY!!

Announcer: ...and Pin.

Match: Yeah!

Pin: Hey!

Announcer: Yeah. *throws at Bubble and Pencil. Bubble pops and Pencil flies off into the horizon.* Firey, Eraser, and Pen. Also no votes. *flings chunks to Eraser, Pen, and Firey*

Firey: Wooh! *melts chunk of ice, growing weeds*

Eraser and Pen: *smashed from chunk of ice* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Blocky: Yeah, elbow room!

Announcer: Match and Pin, you only got one vote a piece.

Match: A piece? A PIECE? You know, we aren't just objects, well maybe Pin is.

Pin: HEY!

Match: We have feelings too! But Pins don't matter.

Pin: HEY!

Match: Yeah.

Pin: HEY!

*BAM! Match gets smashed in the face by an ice chunk*

Pencil: Match, are you okay?

Match: Hey, how are you back? I thought you flew away. Off beyond the horizon!

Pencil: You're seeing strange things because you're HALLUCINATING! See, I'll turn into dumb Bubble!

*Pencil turns into Bubble*

*Match slaps Pencil*

Match: Don't do that! It is K-R-E-P!

Voiceovers: Dun dun!

*The screen shows Woody and Blocky as the Final Two*

Announcer: Blocky...

Woody: Aaaaaaaah! *flips out*

Announcer: eliminated at six votes.

Woody: Aaaah. *sigh of relief*


Whoa! Deja vu!

Pen: Blocky gone?! But that can't be! Blocky's a great guy! He's my friend, too! And he's only killed two people.

*Flashback to Blocky kicking Bubble, causing her to pop*

*Flashback to Blocky throwing Ice Cube into a giant fire*

Announcer: Yeah, whatever.

*Blocky gets flung into the TLC*


Announcer: And, with that, the Squashy Grapes, the original losers, are now ahead at 9 to 8...

*Screen shows a scale weighing the amount of contestants on each team*

Announcer: ...and Golf Ball's chance of winning went from...

Golf Ball: 5.555 repeating percent to 5.882 percent!

*Pin tries eating the ice chunk*

*Pin spits out the ice chunk*

Pin: Phoo! Yuck! That was terrible!

Announcer: Well, let's see if you can do any better. Because the next challenge is all about food. Cooking it, and eating it.

(Intro cut short)

Announcer: Wait, we already played that, didn't we? Okay. So the remaining 17 of you will each bake a cake. I'll be one judge. Let's see. Flower, a previously eliminated contestant, could be our second. And the magical die of judgement...

*screen shows a die*

Announcer: ...will be our third.

Eraser: Wait, is that just a normal die?

Announcer: Um, maybe. So yeah. Your scores will be out of 26. Here are some ingredients.

*Cut to a pile of ingredients*

Announcer: There are no recipes for you to follow, and you may use any flavors you like. The contestant that makes the best cake receives a Win Token.

*screen shows 'GO!!!!'*

Pencil: Look, it's Bubble! Remember? How she can't count to three?

Match: Oh yeah, she's really dumb.

Bubble: Guys, I'm not dumb! I just died before I could get to three! See, I can do it! One, two...

*A strawberry lands on Bubble, popping her*

Match: Yeah, she's really dumb. Dumb for sure.

*Camera pan to Golf Ball, who is stirring her batter*

Golf Ball: Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix!

Snowball: No recipes? How are you supposed to make a cake without recipes? It's as bad as making a cake out of DIRT!

*Snowball picks up some dirt from the ground and throws it away*

*Cut to Coiny, who throws some dirt into the Oven-O-Tron*

Coiny: Uh, um, well, a dirt cake is still better than an ice cake!

*The dirt Snowball threw whizzes past Coiny and lands in Golf Ball's batter, but she doesn't notice*

Tennis Ball: Look GB, I finished! It's a rice cake!

*Cut to Pen, Eraser and Leafy and her huge mixing bowl*

Eraser: Um, hey Leafy! Why are you making such a big cake?

Leafy: So if anyone is having trouble making a cake themselves, I can lend some!

Eraser: Oh, so is it like you do it for me?

Leafy: Um, I guess?

*Eraser turns to Pen*

Eraser: Good news Pen! Leafy is going to make our cakes!

Leafy: Well, that's not what I was planning for. So there's a price to pay!

*Leafy takes out a jar full of cyanide pills*

Leafy: Wha-? Oops, there's the jar I was looking for!

*Leafy takes out a jar labeled 'Tip Jar'*

Leafy: Pay up, boys! Minimum tip is five dollars.

Eraser: Oh, I don't have any money.

*Eraser turns to Pen*

Eraser: Pen, you got some?

Pen: Mmm, here!

*Pen takes out an eight dollar bill*

Pen: I have eight dollars! That'll be enough!

Leafy: GRR!

*Cut to Snowball*

Snowball: Making cakes without recipes is as almost as bad as making a cake out of TWO METAL BALLS!

*Cut to Ice Cube, who is dancing*

*Snowball throws the two metal balls he formed away. One of them hits Ice Cube and she shatters*

*The other metal ball smashes the Ice Cube Recovery Center, and a sign appears on the Ice Cube Recovery Center Creator that reads 'Est. Time Left: 75 min.'*

*Cut to Needle, who is pouring Yeast into her bowl as Teardrop passes by*

*The Yeast in her bag runs out*

*Needle gets another bag of Yeast*

*Cut to Leafy, Pen and Eraser*

Leafy: I know, but eight dollars will only get you one cake, dum-dums!

Pen: Hey! I see something!

*Cut to $1.99 bill on the grass*

*Pen swoops and picks the bill up*

Pen: Aw, we're still one cent short!

Eraser: Coiny's a penny, right?

Pen (offscreen): Yeah!

*Cut to Pin and her cake, which is shaped like Flower*

*Teardrop approaches Pin*

Pin: Well, I'll get ten points from Flower, right?

*Cut to Bubble*

Bubble: One, two, three!

*Cut to a shocked Pencil and Match*

*Cut to Bubble again*

Bubble: Four, five, six, seven, eight!

Pencil: Hey, Match! Maybe Bubble isn't dumb!

*Cut to Golf Ball*

Golf Ball: La, la!

*A ding comes from the Oven-O-Tron*

Golf Ball: Cake's done!

*Golf Ball smells her cake*

Golf Ball: It smells... dirty! Oh well, probably just me.

*Cut to Coiny*

*A ding comes from the Oven-O-Tron*

Coiny: Now my cake is done!

*Cut to Firey, who is holding is cake above himself*

Firey: Heh, heh! Need an oven, Coiny? Not me. I'm my oven!

*Cut to Pen and Eraser picking up Coiny*

Coiny: Huh? Hey, put me down!

*Cut to Firey*

Firey: Ha ha!

*Cut to Rocky, who is standing by his bowl*

Rocky: Bulleh!

*Rocky vomits into his bowl*

Announcer: Thirty minutes left.

Match: Uh oh! We haven't started! I have twenty bucks.

*Match pulls out a combination of $8 bills, $1.99 bills and pennies*

Match: Let's buy some of Leafy's cakes!

*Cut to Leafy, who is pushing in her giant strawberry cake into the Oven-O-Tron*

*Leafy runs over to Woody*

Leafy: Woody? Do you need help? I'll lend you a cake for free!

*Cut to Pen and Eraser, with Coiny struggling*

Pen and Eraser: FOR FREE?!

Leafy: Well, um...

*Match runs over to Leafy*

Match: Leafy, we need three cakes. Here's fifteen dollars.

*Match hands Leafy some bills and coins ripped in half*

Match: And give these five to Woody.

Leafy: Well, I guess it all works out!

*Title card: 29 minutes later...*

Announcer: Boop. Judging time. Since Ice Cube is non-existent at the moment, she is xqz-d (excused). Let's go in alphabetical order. So Bubble is up.

*Cut to Bubble with Woody eyebrows, who is holding up a square of strawberry cake*

Match: Good luck, not-dumb friend!

*Bubble sets down his cake in front of the Announcer*

Announcer: Hmm, normal strawberry cake. Taste test.

*Announcer slices the cake in half and eats one half*

Announcer: Hmm, pretty good. Eight out of ten.

*Cut to TV, which shows that Bubble has a score of 8 out of 10*

Flower: Right now I'm really angry because I got voted off!

*screen shows a flashback of the explosion that Flower got blown away by*

Flower: GRR!

*Flower steps onto Bubble's cake, destroying it*

Flower: Hey! That cake looks terrible!

*Camera pan to the remains of Bubble's cake*

Flower: Zero out of 10! Well, 1 out of 10, because I'm just SO NICE.

*Cut to TV, which shows that Bubble has a score of 9 out of 20*

Announcer: And the die.

*The announcer rolls the die. It lands on a four*

*TV shows that Bubble has a score of 13 out of 26*

Announcer: Coiny's turn.

*Coiny brings his cake up to the Announcer*

Coiny: It's, um, baked dirt!

Announcer: Um, well, dirt is unsafe, so I won't eat it. I'm sorry, but dirt will get a two.

Coiny: Well, a dirt cake is better than an ice cake!

Tennis Ball: Which rhymes with rice cake!

Announcer: Flower.

Flower: Well, I see you put effort into it, like baking it and stuff, I'll give it a seven for what wonderful things it could have been!

*Announcer rolls the die*

*The die lands on a five*

*TV shows that Coiny's score is 14 out of 26*

Bubble: OMBB! Dirt got a better score than mine?

Match: It's okay, you just may get a sub-dirt level!

Announcer: Eraser.

*Eraser dumps his cake next to the Announcer*

Announcer: Strawberry again? Same as Bubble. I'll give it a seven this time, because it's the same.

Flower: Mmm. Ten?

Eraser: Yeah!

*The die lands on a one*

Eraser: Aww!

*TV shows that Eraser has a score of 18 out of 26*

Announcer: Firey.

*Firey walks up to the announcer with his chocolate cake*

Firey: Mine's chocolate!

Announcer: You baked without the oven? That's an automatic 10 for effort.

Flower: I wouldn't say so! I pick three!

Announcer: And the die picks six.

*TV shows that Firey's score is 19 out of 26*

Announcer: Golf Ball?

*Golf Ball walks to the Announcer, balancing the cake on her head*

*The announcer eats the cake*

Announcer: Hey. I taste dirt.

Golf Ball: But I didn't put in any dirt!

Announcer: Putting in dirt and lying? I say zero.

Flower: I will too!

Announcer: And so does the die.

*Screen shows the die landing on zero*

Golf Ball: Wait, a die doesn't even have-

Announcer: Shush.

*TV shows Golf Ball's score is zero out of 26*

Announcer: Ice Cube is gone, so Leafy is up next.

*Leafy puts down her cake in front of the Announcer*

Announcer: Strawberry again? This is starting to get irritating. So you get a four.

Leafy: But I was the first to make the-

Flower: Quiet, weightless one! I have my answer. Wait, not yet.

*Flower takes out a spinner with numbers 1-10*

*Flower spins it and it lands on 10*

Leafy (offscreen): Yes!

Flower: I choose zero!

Leafy: Wha-?

Announcer: Die.

*The die lands on 15*

Announcer: Wow! The die says 15.

*TV shows Leafy's score is 19 out of 26*

*Title card: 10 minutes later...*

*Woody walks away from the Announcer*

Announcer: Okay. We are done. Let's compare.

*TV shows the ranks of each of the contestant's scores*

Announcer: I guess since Pin has the highest score with her Flower Cake, she gets her second Win Token. Note, Pin, that you can only use one Win Token at a time. Okay, now let's organize by team to see who won.

TV organizes the scores by teams. The Squishy Cherries have 134 while the Squashy Grapes have 121.

Announcer: So I guess the Cherries win this half of the contest. In the second half, each team will eat a hundred chocolate balls. The fastest team wins. And start eating.

*Various contestants begin eating the chocolate balls*

Announcer: Well, the Grapes won this part, so now it's a two-way tie, so we need a tie breaker. Whichever team manages to rip their team necktie first wins the contest. Get it? Tie breaker?

*Snowball rips the Squashy Grapes' team necktie*

Announcer: The Squashy Grapes win. So one of the Cherries goes home. Come on, choose one. You know you want to.

*Screen shows Pen, Match, Eraser, Pin, Firey, Pencil, Bubble and Woody*

*Title Card: Comment to vote! Last day of voting is April 10. Episode 5 will come out on May 1*


*Cut to a radio*

Radio: Breaking news! Scientists have recently classified Earth as a triple planet system! Consisting the Earth, the Moon and something called 'Needle's Cake'. That is supposedly a rapidly growing cake that has separated from Earth. Scientists predict that Needle's Cake will start nuclear fusion and become a star in three weeks.

*Cut to Leafy and Needle*

Leafy: Yeah, I guess it's pretty big, Needy.

*Cuts to black*

*Slapping sound*

(Episode ends here)

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