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Squashy Grapes' team logo

Squashy Grapes (2)

The Squashy Grapes is a team on Battle for Dream Island. The team included ten characters originally picked by Leafy on Take the Plunge: Part 2. The team had a 4 contest winning streak from Episode 2 to Episode 5. In Insectophobe's Nightmare, the team, with 10 characters, was split up into 2 teams due to the imbalance between it and the Squishy Cherries. One team's name remained as Squashy Grapes, while the other team's name was Another Name. The Squashy Grapes have won the most of the challenges of season 1.


Name Gender Photo Order voted off Episode voted off Number of votes at point of elimination
Needle Female
Needle 8
(19th place)
Puzzling Mysteries 6 (originally 12 but she used her Win Token)
Teardrop Female
Sad Teardrop
(18th place)
Crybaby! 5 (eliminated via contestants' choice)
Golf Ball Female
Golf Ball 13
(17th place)
Lofty 6 (originally 12 but she used her Win Token, eliminated via contestants' choice)
Coiny Male
Coiny 19
(16th place)
A Leg Up in the Race 30 (eliminated via contestant's choice, even thought he would have gotten eliminated anyways)
Snowball Male
(Switched to Squishy Cherries)

(15th place)

Don't Lose Your Marbles 47
Tennis Ball Male
Tennis Ball 9
(Switched to Another Name then back to Squashy Grapes)

(10th place)

Reveal Novum 2 (eliminated via tiebreaker)
Rocky Male
Rocky BFDI3
(Switched to Another Name and Squishy Cherries)

(6th place)

Don't Pierce My Flesh 319
Ice Cube Female
Ice Cube BFDI
(7th place)
The Glistening 10 votes (eliminated contestants), 160+ (with recommended characters)
Flower Female
1st Barriers and Pitfalls 4
(4th place)
Insectophobe's Nightmare 2 524
Leafy Female
(2nd place)
Return of the Hang Glider 236 (To win)


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