Ooh! They're the sproingy shoes I've always woianted! Thanks Loify!
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The Springy Shoes are an item in BFDI. It is a pair of shoes with springs on its soles. It comes in blue and red variants.


The springy shoes were a gift that Leafy gave to both Bubble and Ice Cube in The Reveal. When Leafy gave Bubble a pair of Springy Shoes, Pencil got mad at Leafy for not giving her some, so Leafy took them from Bubble and gave them to Pencil. Bubble gets angry and wants them back. Pencil later becomes stuck in the ground upside-down, and Ice Cube gets stuck in Pencil while she was upturned. Bubble takes advantage of the situation by stealing Pencil and Ice Cube's Springy shoes, and she starts bouncing on top of them.

In Reveal Novum, the shoes were making it harder for Bubble to stare, so she threw them away, to Leafy's shock and anger. She becomes resentful towards Bubble because of this, as seen in later episodes.

Later, as the TLC was rolling down the hill, the shoes made it fall into the water.

The springy shoes haven't been seen since then.