The Sender Scoop Thrower is a device used to launch an eliminated contestant to the TLC. It was first used to launch Spongy in Episode 3 of BFDI. It is used in nearly every episode since then, until the Laser Powered Teleportation Devices were introduced. It was mainly used again in season 2. Its first appearance in BFDIA was when it was used to fling the eliminated contestants to the TLC, but it was much larger then the one before this point.

Its final appearance was in The Long-lost Yoyle City, where it was used to fling Bubble away and Match to the (presumed) TLC.


  • In Get Digging, TV used the SST (sender scoop thrower) to throw the TLC into the LOL.
  • It may not appear ever again due to Four's "method" of elimination.
  • However, Four seemingly used a variation of the thrower to push contestants off a cliff in Fortunate Ben.
    • Other than this, the SST has not been seen in Battle for BFDI, most likely because of the unique way that contestants get eliminated in this season.
  • The SST metal has a similar design to Nickel's BFDIA asset.
  • It was also used to throw cake at contestants sometimes.