Entrance of the science museum (2nd picture)

The Science Museum is an abandoned building seen in Welcome Back, located at Yoyle City.

Judging by its name, it should be obvious that this most likely used to be a museum to display science-related items. The building has greatly degraded compared to how it was in Golf Ball's flashback, with vines growing and walls cracked, implying that it, and Yoyle City could've been abandoned for a long time.


Golf Ball and Tennis Ball went into it to find science treasures, which Tennis Ball claimed himself a Wall Teleporter.


  • There are 680,293 gadgets stored in the museum.
  • On the signs, a mysterious alphabet is used, which probably means Yoyleland has its own alphabet. The text above Science Museum reads "Insight Hallway".
  • Needle says that the museum has something to do with FreeSmart. This may have something to do with the plot of IDFB's future episodes.