Ammolite was eliminated in Round 1 of ABCDEFG.

Ruby sisters

Ruby and her 35 sisters

Ruby has 35 sisters. All have the same shape as Ruby, but with different colors.

Most of those were not seen in an episode of Battle for Dream Island, but were seen in carykh's video "Ruby and her 35 sisters in ABCDEFG", which features the sisters and Ruby in a contest called ABCDEFG, which stands for "A Battle Concerning Delightfully Exciting Fine Gems".

List of Ruby's sisters

  1. Ruby - eliminated on round 2
  2. Sapphire - (recommended character in Lick Your Way to Freedom)- 2nd runner-up
  3. Emerald (recommended character in Get Digging) - eliminated on round 2
  4. Turquoise (eliminated on round 5)
  5. Amethyst (winner of ABCDEFG!) - 1st
  6. Obsidian - Eliminated on round 1
  7. Diamond (recommended character) - eliminated on round 2
  8. Amber - Eliminated on Round 1
  9. Variscite - Eliminated on Round 3
  10. Ivory - Eliminated on Round 1
  11. Jade - Eliminated on semifinals
  12. Feldspar - Eliminated on Round 4
  13. Jasper - 5th runner-up
  14. Gold - eliminated on round 2
  15. Opal (3rd-runner up)
  16. Axinite - Eliminated on Round 3
  17. Pyrite - Eliminated on Round 3
  18. Coral - Eliminated on Round 1
  19. Topaz (6th runner-up)
  20. Benitoite - Eliminated on Round 3
  21. Glass - Eliminated on Round 1
  22. Garnet (7th runner-up)
  23. Aquamarine - eliminated on round 5
  24. Iolite - Eliminated on Round 3
  25. Dioptase - Eliminated on Round 6
  26. Fluorite - Eliminated on Round 3
  27. Pearl - eliminated on Round 1
  28. Hematite - Eliminated on Round 3
  29. Quartz (recommended charater in Lick Your Way to Freedom) - Eliminated on Round 4
  30. Malachite - Eliminated on Round 3
  31. Peridot (4th)
  32. Lapis Lazuli - Eliminated on Round 1
  33. Kornerupine - Eliminated on Round 5
  34. Chrysoberyl - Eliminated on Round 5
  35. Ammolite - Eliminated on Round 1
  36. Poo - eliminated on round 1


Well, I may be the first kicked off of ABCDEFG, but I want you to remember that while the rest of you take millions of years to form within rocks, I take only days to form within quadrillions of living organisms!
— Poo, ABCDEFG, round 1

Poo is one of Ruby's sisters in ABCDEFG, and is the only one of Ruby's sisters with a frowning expression. Poo is the first one out of ABCDEFG, because she is not a gemstone. She is disqualified in Round 1.

There is a poo-flavored gelatin also named "Poo" on B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E.


  • One of Ruby's sisters is Poo just like in B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E.
  • Sapphire and Emerald being Ruby's sisters may be a reference to generation 3 of Pokemon.
    • This is further backed up as the order they appear in on the chart: Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.
  • "Find all of Ruby's sisters" was one of the possible challenges of Zeeky Boogy Doog.

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