Blue Rocky

Blue Rocky is a character recommended by simondomino in Gardening Hero as one of the gaspers. BR's a blue-colored variation of Rocky.

Bubble Rocky


Bubble Rocky was a recommended character that appeared in Don't Pierce My Flesh. It is just a clone of Rocky. It was presumed dead when The Volcano they were in erupted in the same episode. It was recommended by MVboys3.

Ender Rocky

Ender Rocky

Ender Rocky in Return of the Hang Glider

Ender Rocky is a recommended character in Episode 25. It is a black version of Rocky with purple eyes. It resembles an Enderman from the Minecraft franchise. It was recommended by jaggerbug.

Green Rocky

Green Rocky in BFB 2

Green Rocky appeared in Lick Your Way to Freedom. He was recommended by edencudak. The recommender is also CutieSunFlower, a user in this wikia.

Rainbow Rocky

Rainbow Rocky is a recommended character appeared in episode 23. Rainbow Rocky is a rainbow-colored version of Rocky. It was recommended by collmatt10109. Nothing else is known about it.

Robot Rocky

Robot Rocky is a recommended character that appeared in Bowling, Now with Explosions!. It is a mechanical Rocky. It was recommended as part of a duo in Episode 16 with Robot Flower.

Robot Rocky And Robot Flower



Rockette is a recommended character that appeared in The Glistening as one of the many RC's to vote for Ice Cube to be eliminated. It is a one-armed variation of Rocky with a rainbow bow on its head.

White Rocky

White Rocky is a recommended character who was recommended by addrial. They appeared in The Glistening when they voted for Ice Cube's elimination. Their appearance is similar to Rocky, except that instead of grey they are white, and instead of being armless, White Rocky has two arms.


  • Ender Rocky is possibly based off of Endermen, a type of mob in Minecraft that is black and has purple eyes.