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Episode Gallery Transcript


We have to escape!


That's easy for you to say! You left the Tiny Loser Chamber in episode 9!


Yeah, but now I'm back! And I don't want to have to stay here much longer!


You think you've seen anything? I've been in here for 16 months! I want out now!!! AAAAHHH!!!!!!

(Flower pushes the TLC lid, but it doesn't budge)

Flower: Hey! It's sealed shut! AAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Match: Oh my like wood sickle so now there's like no way out!

Pin: Well, they open the lid, for 5 minutes every day! That will be our opportunity for escape!

Announcer: Hey guys, be quiet! And stop talking about escaping.

Pen: Wait! Speaking gray cuboid can hear everything we say?

Coiny: Oh no! That means he knows about all the times I call him a—

<Intro plays>

(Everyone is talking)

Announcer: Everyone, enough talking! Follow me, we're going to do Cake at Stake!

(Singing) (All) OMG, there's points now, Who'll go home? We'll just see..... It's Cake at Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

Tennis Ball: Oow, I'm scared!

Leafy: Don't worry Tennis Ball! There's nothing to be afraid of...

Announcer: We recently suffered from some extreme budget cuts. As a result we only allowed one recommended character per recommender!

(Recommended characters are shown)

Announcer: Also, instead of a cake, we have a cracker!

Pencil: Ohh! Cracker at Stake huh? Sounds delicious!

Announcer: If you are safe, I'll give you a cracker piece, if you don't get a cracker piece, you'll be eliminated.

Bubble: AAHH! Oh sorry, I got scared!

Announcer: But Bubble. You don't have to worry, because of 5 of you were not up for elimination, you all get cracker pieces.

Firey: (Eat Cracker and swallowing) Hey Announcery, can we vote now?

Announcer: Yeah, Go ahead! Remember, whoever gets the most votes will be eliminated.

Firey: I Vote for Ice Cube because she is my opposite. (Beep)

Ice Cube: WHAT?

Announcer: Ice Cube, that's one vote, it's takes three to be eliminated. Next is Bubble.

Bubble: Well, I can't vote Ice Cube because of our alliance, and Leafy was really nice to me with her gift, so I vote Tennis Ball. (Beep)

Tennis Ball: What? I didn't know you used bribes, Leafy!

Pencil: (Beep) I also vote for Tennis Ball, even though he's so fuzzy and everything.

Spongy: (growling noises) (Beep)

Rocky: Bleh! (Beep)

Leafy: What! Why don't people like me?

Announcer: They don't like your arms.

Leafy: What, these thingys?

Announcer: Anyway, that means Ice Cube is safe with 1 vote, so she can munch on a cracker piece.

Pencil: And our alliance stays for another day!

Pencil, Bubble, and Ice Cube: Yay!

Announcer: But Leafy and Tennis Ball are tied at 2 votes, so we need a tiebreaker.

(Cuts to a ledge)

Announcer: Leafy and Tennis Ball, whoever jumps the ledge first is safe and the other one is eliminated. Go!

(Tennis Ball jumps but he didn't reach the other side)

Tennis Ball: (Falling) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

(Tennis Ball hits Laddy (recommended By lickilicky64) and launches Scissors (recommended By Ben1178) into Hammer and Ropey)

(Scissors cuts Ropey (recommended By TheLegobatman3609) and Hammer (recommended By cheese7373) hits Leafy to the other side of the ledge)

Announcer: Leafy wins, so she gets a cracker piece...

(Leafy swallows the cracker piece while still floating from Hammer's attack, screaming, which made her choke)

Announcer: ...And Tennis Ball is eliminated.

(Tennis Ball falls into the TLC, which is at the bottom of the cliff)

Pencil: I'm so glad Tennis Ball's gone!

Announcer: But as you know, someone is coming into the game.

Firey: Oh, right! Oh, no!

Announcer: The voters has 30 characters to choose from, Let's see which one will join the game.

(Cake at Stake intro plays again)

Announcer: Hello, everyone.

All 30 recommended characters: Hello

Announcer: Well, let's get to it.

Announcer: So we go 450 votes. The person who gets the most votes will enter the game.

Fanny: That's me!

Announcer: The winner will also get this yellow tomato. (by epiczano)

David, Dora, Fanny, and Ruby: (start complaining)

Announcer: So, all 30 of you at least got 3 votes.

Clock: That's good to know.

Announcer: Except roboty, he only got 2.

Roboty: (In Morse Code) NOBODY LIKES ME. (fling)

Announcer: Naily, Tree, Barf Bag, and Saw only got 3 votes each.

Naily, Tree, Barf Bag, Saw: (attack announcer) Grr..!. (fling)

Announcer: Cloudy and Bell only got 4 votes each.

Fanny: (blows Cloudy and Bell away) Haha!

Ann.: Clock and Basketball got 5 votes each. (fling)

Ann.: Balloony, Eggy, and Pilllow got 6 votes each. (fling)

Ann.: Remote, Grassy, and Pie got 7 votes each. (fling)

Ann.: We've reached the halfway mark, only 15 of you remain.

Nickel: Well, I just know i'm going to win!

Ann.: 8-Ball, coincedently, you got 8 votes. (fling)

Ann: Dictionary, you also got 8 votes, not enough to win.

Dictionary: What!? but if you look up dictionary in me , it says the one who will win dream island!

Ann.: Not true. (fling)

Ann.: Taco and Marker received 9 votes. (fling)

Ann. So did Dora.

Dora: (Speaking Spanish fast with Google Translate.) (fling)

Ann.: Fanny got 10 votes, (fling) and Robot Flower got 1. (fling)

RF: Ahhhhhhh! (robotic tone)

Ann.: Nonexisty also got 11 votes. (fling)

Ruby: Aw, you missed him!

Ann.: Whatever.

(TV plays TV show of him winning Dream Island)

Ann: TV, you only got 13 votes

(TV shows Announcer being crushed)

What sounded like flower: I like this show.

(TV gets flinged)

Ann.: Fries, being the only cannibal, you received a measly 17 votes. (fling)

Ann.: Now there are only 5 of you.

Ann.: Ruby, despite your pleads to join the game, pleads, pleads. Only 22 people voted for you.

Ruby: Aw, really!? But i really wanna join the game!

Ann: Well, If we allowed people to vote more than once, you would of won with 206 votes, but we dont. (fling)

Ann.: Evil Leafy, only 34 people appreciated your evilness. (fling)

Ann.: Nickel, you may be the new Coiny, but with 43 votes, you are not the new contestant. (fling)

Ann.: Now it's either Bomby or David to join the game. I will now reveal the votes.

( Bomby gets flinged and explodes because of losing the vote 73 - 102)

Ann.: David, you win.

David.: Aw, seriously!?

(yellow tomato gets flinged in Davids face.)

Leafy.: Hey uh, speakery, where are you sending the recommended characters that didn't win?

Ann.: They're going to LOL

Leafy: Why? What's so funny?

Ann: Nothing's funny.

( all 29 recommended characters fall into LOL then it gets locked)

Ann: Welcome to the competition, David, you're score is zero.

David.: Aw, seriously!

Ann: But that's still higher than average.

Pencil: Woah, the scoreboard looks different!

Ann: Yeah, we had to downgrade it because of budget cuts.

Ann: As a result, it can only hold two numbers.

(scores are shown)

Bubble: Oh no!

Ann: The 18th contest is a staring contest (recommended by CPFAN2000)

Firey: Yikes!

Ann: You'll be competing in a tournament bracket. So lets get started.

(Round 1 Ice Cube vs Rocky)

Ann: Go.

Rocky: Bleh! (Ice cube blinks)

Ann: Rocky wins

(Round 1 Pencil vs Spongy) (changes to the contestants in TLC)

GB: The TLC's lid will open in 3 minutes. What do you suggest we do to escape?

Blocky: Um...

Pen: Why don't we topple it on it's side, then we can walk right out.

Pin: Sounds good, but we all have to work together!

(goes back to contest)

Spongy: (grumbling) (blinks)

Pencil: I-e-e-e-e-e win.

(Round 1 Firey vs David

David.: Aw, seriously! (evil face)

Firey: Eeeee (blinks)

(Round 1 Leafy vs Bubble)

Bubble: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, these springy shoes, they're-----

Leafy: Amazing, right? I'm quite glad you like them. Its good that despite other occurences, i wont be surrounded by backstabbing friends that take my offer of friendship and labor of love, and just throw it over their shoulders.

Bubble: I was just going to say these shoes make it hard to stare. ( takes them off and throws against a tree)

Leafy: (gasp) (blinks)

Ann: Bubble wins

Leafy: Grrrr

Ann: So that's the end of round one. Rocky, Pencil, David, and Bubble move on to round two

(next scene at TLC opening)

Blocky: What do you see?

Coiny: Well, there's a downhill slope with a lake at the bottom.

Blocky: Well thats not good.

Coiny: No, no, no, its okay, i see some trees, they'll block us before we fall into the lake.

Blocky: phew

(back to contest)

(Round 2 Rocky vs Pencil)

Rocky: Bleh! (barfs a lot of vomit)

Pencil: (dodge all the barf) Ha Ha! You can't get me! (grabs barf and throws at rocky to make rocky blink)

Ann: Pencil wins

(TLC being pushed)

Pin: Guys guys, push push, this is your only chance for escape!

(Round 2 David vs Bubble)

David.: Aw, seriously! (evil face)

Bubble: *screams* (blinks)

Announcer: David wins. That means the final staring contest is between Pencil and David.

(Final Round Pencil vs David)

David: Aw, seriously! (evil face)

Pencil: *laughing* aw, seriously ah ha.

(TLC's lids are closing)

Flower: Uh oh, its closing!

SB: Hurry up!

All eliminated contestants: (screaming)

(TLC bounces off the springy shoes and falls into the bottom of the lake)

Bubble: Come on Pencil, you can win this!

Pencil: Close your eyes, yeah yeah yeah! Blink them both! Yeah yeah yeah! So I can win the contest, so I can win the contest!

Bubble: Hey, Ice Cube!

Ice Cube: What?

Bubble: I wonder what Match is doing right now.

(Back to TLC)

Match: Oh, like no. The Tiny Loser Chamber is, like leaking!

Golf Ball: Blocky, this is all your fault!

(Back to the contest)

Announcer: This contest seems to take the longest.

(Back to TLC)

Coiny: Oh no! We're all going to drown!

Eraser: Oh well.

Coiny: Oh well? What do you mean oh well?

Eraser: I mean, we'll just press the emergency button and they'll send a rescue team to save us, right?

Coiny: Eraser, there is no emergency button!!!

Eraser: What?

(Everyone screams at the TLC, back to the contest)

Firey: Wow, it has been eleven hours since anyone has blink.

Bubble: Yeah, I know. Pencil, don't your eyes hurt yet?

Pencil: No! OMG Bubble, what has gotten into you these days?

Leafy: Yeah Bubble, what? I always thought you were nice and didn't throw away gifts? You know, I just can't believe it! You are the meanest person on Earth!

(Back to TLC)

Match: Oh no! This is like the end!

Pen: Hey, what's that light?

(Everyone gasps)

Coiny: It's sunrise

[The sun rises, lifting the TLC]

Pencil: Ooh, yeah. It's, it's daytime again.

[David blinks]

Announcer: David's allergic to sunrises.

David: Aw, seriously?

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