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Battle for Dream Island - Episode 19 "Rescission"-0

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 19 "Rescission"-0


Pencil, watch this!
Firey presses the emergency button, which shoots a laser that kills Bubble


Huh! Isn't that just so funny?


Absolutely not, Firey. I've seen Bubble pop quite a number of times, but that right there was by far the cruelest. You know what Firey? I think you need a taste of your own medicine.
Pencil shoots a laser that kills Firey


Pencil! Don't tell me you just killed Firey!


Out of my way!
Pencil shoots a laser that kills Leafy


And I'm tired of you guys too!
Pencil shoots a laser that kills all of the recommended character
Spongy trips and lands on Pencil, causing her to throw her emergency button which Rocky eats


Oh no!


Hi Pencil! Are you glad that I didn't vomit on you?


Whoa! Can you speak again? Doesn't that feel weird after fifthteen months of silence?
Rocky vomits on Pencil's face.
Intro plays


Spongy, Firey and Pencil, you were up for elimination. We'll see who will be eliminated at the Cake at Stake Ceremony.
*cake at stake theme music starts*


We have a cake this time. Its a collection of shovels.


Excuse me, But how are shovels cake?


Well, they're caked with mud, so they're cakes. If you're safe, you'll get a cake. 1 person won't recieve a cake and will be eliminated. Ice Cube, Rocky, David, Bubble, and Leafy were not up for elimination, so they all get cakes.

<Icy, Rocky, David, Bubble, and Leafy dodge the shovels>


Are you rejecting my cake? That makes me want to cry, and I cry acid. Wah! Wah! Wah!

<Icy, Rocky, and David melts in the acid and dies>

Announcer: Anyways, 464 people voted for either Spongy, Firey, or Pencil to be eliminated. Firey, you only got 64 votes, so you're safe. Fling!

Firey: Catch! See, I like your cake.

Announcer: Pencil, In episode 15, you were the only contestant who never got a vote.

Pencil: I remember that.

Announcer: For this episode, you recieved 259 votes, which is the most ever, you are eliminated.

Pencil: What! This machine thingy must be broken.

<Pencil got teleported to the TLC via laser>

Announcer: Oh well, Pencil was such a menace anyway.

Bubble: Oh no Ice Cube, with Pencil gone our alliance is to small. What do we do?

Ice Cube: Needy's got to join!

<Needle slaps Icy from within the TLC>

Announcer: People, quiet down. You are the final 7. Thats so few, I can count it on 1 hand.

Leafy: Jeez, no need to brag!

Announcer: Anyway, since you've made it so far, you all get a reward.

everyone: Yay!

Announcer: Teddy bears, every point you currently have is traded for 1 teddy bear.


Announcer: But reaching the final 7 also means a new stage in the battle.


Announcer: That means no more points.

<The points' board is crushed>

Announcer: The nineteenth contest is a unicycle race. The first three people to finish the course will receive immunity. The rest will be up for elimination. Go.

<Everyone is shown a unicycle>

Bubble: Ah! (Pops)

Leafy: I think I'm getting...the hang of it. (Pushes Ice Cube along) Come on Ice Cube, you're coming with me. I don't want you being friends with that backstabbing Bubble.

<Bubble recovers>

Bubble: Okay, I do not backstab! Seriously, do you think that bubbles can stab?

Ice Cube/Leafy: Ahh!

Leafy: (Pushes Ice Cube along) Get away, before Bubble stabs us! (They fall off a large cliff, which the camera zooms out 5 times)

Announcer: Um, the right the way is that way.

Firey: Ah, woah, woah. Oh, ooh, whee! Oh, ha, ha, ha. Oh, huh? No breaks, no breaks, no breaks, ahh! (Stops at the edge) That was close.

<Spongy bangs into him>

Firey: Ahh!

<Firey bounces off Spongy and into the wall, just missing the finish line>

Announcer: Ha ha. What a failure.

Bubble: Oh, oh, ha, oh, oh.

<Bubble bounces off Spongy and just passes the finish line>

Announcer: Bubble, you finished first, so you get immunity.

Bubble: Yoylecake!

Rocky: Bulleh.

<He vomits all the way to the finish line>

Announcer: Rocky is also immune, now there is only one spot left for immunity.

Firey: Huh? One spot left? I'd better hurry up!

David: Aw, seriously? Aww, seriously...?

<Rolls down the path, bleeping to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb", quickly appearing with three heads once he finishes the song>

Firey: Huh! Huh.

<Firey tries to jump up to the finish, David rolls down, bouncing off Spongy, Firey grabs onto the edge and hauls himself up, killing David in the process>

Firey: Yay! I get immunity.

Announcer: Yes, Firey. You do. Would you like to see a magic trick?

Firey: Don't think I don't know what your magic tricks are like. No!

Announcer: Well, to bad. Whoosh.

<Announcer's diary appears>

Announcer: Oh wait, that's not what I meant to do.

<Announcer's diary disappears>

Announcer: So you three have immunity, while you four don't. Is that correct?

<The three agree happily>

<The four agree sadly>

Announcer: Bubble, since you finished first, you get another reward. You get to choose a fourth person to have immunity.

Bubble: Oh, okay. Uh, Ice Cube are we still in an alliance?

Ice Cube


Bubble: Then I'll give to Leafy to prove to her that I'm a nice person after all.

Leafy: Well, I guess that's some-what nice but not extremely nice. You've still got a lot of work to do but at least it was a good effort.

Announcer: Bla, bla, whatever. So that leaves, David, Spongy and Ice Cube up for elimination, voters and viewers, subscribers and commenters, trolls and flamers. Vote off who you think should be eliminated by commenting on this video, every vote counts so please do vote. Oh, and don't forget to watch episode 20 which comes out August 1st 2011.

<Announcer is seen levitating above the ground before falling back to the ground quickly>

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