Note: This character has not been given any citation for their gender, so when referring to them in the while editing the article, refer to them in Singular They.

— Remote, when Blocky dropped it.

Remote is one of the 30 recommended characters that could've joined the game in Episode 18. When Remote's batteries are removed, Remote loses conscious.

Remote's IDFB redesign features a black body, White eyes, a hexagonal shape, and fewer buttons.


In Don't Lose Your Marbles, Remote made its first appearance, being held by Blocky. Blocky got hit by a ball thrown by Leafy, causing him to drop Remote. Remote's batteries fell out, and the acid killed Snowball and Pencil.

In The Reveal, Remote was a character that could have joined the game. In the campaign video, Remote pulled out their own batteries, and fell unconscious.

In Reveal Novum, Remote placed 18th place, with only 7 votes together with Grassy and Pie. The 3 contestants were sent flying into the LOL.

In Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know, Remote was one of the many recommended characters to join season 2, but placed 34th with only 115 votes, which wasn't enough to join and was sent into the LOL.


This section is a work in progress; due to Remote's minor character status, sections will be filled in when they appear on other characters' pages.


Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 7.08.02 PM

In Don't Lose Your Marbles, Blocky is holding Remote over a long fall. He only drops Remote by accident, though.


Total kills: 2

Character Number of times killed Episodes
Pencil 1 Don't Lose Your Marbles (Along with Leafy, Blocky, and Pencil)
Snowball 1 Don't Lose Your Marbles (Along with Leafy, Blocky, and Pencil)


  • Remote's voice is similar to Bomby's.


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