Episode 22


All of the recommended characters presented in the crowd were killed after the Volcano erupted.

Episode 23

Invisible Coiny; homosapienssapiens19

Invisible Coiny managed to enter the TLC when it was broken. He slapped Metal Firey because he said it's great for him to be where he belonged. (NOTE: It is the same Coiny just mentioned).

Master Recovery Center


"Yeah, real pro everybody! Recommended Characters/Episode 22-23's doing just fine over here!” - Balloony
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Shown but not recommended in Episode 23

Jacknjellify stated that "characters that have not been shown will appear in Episode 23."

NOTE: It is unclear when the group of RCs breaks from Ep21 to Ep22. Cotton is considered here to be the rightmost RC recommended in Ep21.

Recommended in BFDI 21

Recommended in BFDI 22