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This is a list of the top 25 recommended characters appeared in BFDIA 3.

  1. Tune by BFDIdubita23
  2. Acorn by LordSparkIV
  3. Coconut by SunSlicer2
  4. Revived Bubble by Siminjamonkey
  5. Map from OU by TeenChampion
  6. Lamp by TotalPokeDramaE
  7. Mic by tim
  8. Lime by Joey B.
  9. Chocolate Milk by PîxieStickDriver101
  10. Plug by goldenzoomi
  11. Gifty by catmis8
  12. Evil Book by redking632
  13. Torch by cheetah465
  14. Immunity Token by Joey B.
  15. Salad by redking632
  16. Globe by THEDKA3
  17. Disco Ball by Beckham918
  18. Announcer Recovery Center Creator (Not yet) by Epiczac
  19. Chip by Shinymew05
  20. 9-Ball by Joey B.
  21. Cannon Ball by AzelfStar
  22. A duck by redking632
  23. Cheez-It by AzelfStar
  24. Doughball by jacknjellify
  25. Poster by AzelfStar

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