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This is a list of all recommended characters in BFDIA 2.

  1. Lego Brick by Bkshawgogo
  2. Nacho by prowerpower2011
  3. Chocolate Bar by THEDKA3
  4. Emerald by Whateves2349
  5. Cookie by TDJessiFan
  6. Toast by Joey B.
  7. Hammer by cheetah465
  8. Bagel by AzelfStar
  9. Pearl by AzelfStar
  10. Domino by cheetah465
  11. Button by ThirstySkunk910
  12. Bubble Gum by Whateves2349
  13. Dicey by Joey B.
  14. Ice Cream by SuperMightyMichael
  15. CD by TDJessiFan
  16. Muffin by Waluigifreak789
  17. Master Recovery Center Creator by aoii
  18. Piggy Bank by MaxtTheFox3
  19. Tape by OfficialMatrVincent
  20. Deadly by AzelfStar
  21. Pizza by cheetah465
  22. Laptop by Joey B.
  23. Peppermint by sonamy1268
  24. Orangey by TheFanguy123
  25. Crayon by TDJessiFan

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