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Battle for Dream Island - Episode 7 "Puzzling Mysteries"06:31

Battle for Dream Island - Episode 7 "Puzzling Mysteries"


Hey guys, watch this!

<Pen spins a basketball on his finger>


I'm better.

<Eraser spins three basketballs on his finger>


See, I can do three.


<Golf Ball spins seven basketballs on her feet>

Golf Ball

I'm spinning seven.


You think anyone cares?


How many can you spin, Needy?

<"Needy" is said 3 more times, each slower than the last>

<Needle slaps Eraser>


Don't call me Needy!


<Announcer falls from above, popping Bubble>


It's time for Cake at Stake for the team that lost last time; even though they were in first place for a while, Coiny's team came in last. So let's go, Coiny, Icy, and Needy.

<Needle slaps Announcer so hard that it ends up at the Cake at Stake area>

Announcer: We got 18 votes, a record high. So yeah, I've got two halves of a cake. One of you will not get one. If you don't, you're eliminated. Needle, you have a Win Token, would you like to use it now?

Needle: Yeah!

Announcer: Ok. Where is it? There we go. Ok then. So Ice Cube, you are at the lowest with 1 vote. LOSMMORPG voted for you. He was the only one. The oddball in a group of normal voters. There is only one cake half left, but there are two people.




You know what Coiny? You haven't spoken once in my Cake at Stakes. You were just contributing to the silence.

Coiny: Hey, look here. I'm contributing. Instead of spending time what you want to do, I'm helping out and contributing to something else, the sound of silence!


Ok so...

Coiny: Shh! We have to contribute to the silence.

Announcer: Coiny, you got...

Coiny: Shh!

Announcer: The per...

Coiny: Shh!

Announcer: Out of the final...

Coiny: Shh!

Announcer: Grr, Needy! 

<Announcer moves out of the way and Needle slaps Coiny away from the Cake at Stake place instead>

Announcer: Now that Coiny is gone, I can talk. Coiny is at 5 votes and Needy...

<Needle slaps Announcer>

Announcer: at 12 votes. Because she used her Win Token, she's down to 6 votes, but that's still the highest, so Needle is out.

Needle: Aw, seriously?

Announcer: That proves that the number 13 is unlucky because Needle slapped exactly 13 times before she learned she was eliminated.



Do you think non-existent Icy's mad at me?

(slap) (1)

Leafy: Needy!

(slap) (2)

Leafy: Yeah, I guess it's pretty big, Needy.

(slap) (3)

Leafy: Didn't it, Needy!

(slap) (4)

Leafy: What's wrong with calling you Needy, Needy!

(slap) (5)

Leafy: Don't you, Needy!

(slap) (6)


love Needies!

(slap) (7)

Coiny: Do you know where she is, Needy?

(slap) (8)

Announcer: Coiny, Icy, and Needy!

(slap) (9)

Eraser: Needy! (slow)

(slap) (10)

Announcer: So let's go, Coiny, Icy, and Needy!

(slap) (11)

Announcer: Needy!

(slap) (12)

Announcer: and Needy...

(slap) (13)

Announcer: at 12 votes!

(flashback ends)

Coiny: Yeah, but Needle why don't you like being called "Needy"?

Needle: Needy-

<Needle is flung to the TLC but the TLC's lid does not close fully>

Announcer: Why won't it close all the way?

Pencil: What? can't you read? The carrying capacity is 6. There are 6 people in there but Spongy's kinda big.

Announcer: Oh well, in that case, there is no room to eliminate another player. So in the next contest...

Eraser: Which is?


I'm getting to that right now. Anyway, in the next contest, this is when the winning team chooses a contestant from the contest's losing team to be on their team. So no one gets sent to the TLC.

Leafy: Yeah!

<Leafy and Teardrop high five>

Eraser: But what is the contest?


Okay, enter that room.

<Door closes>

Announcer: Ha ha, I tricked you. Now you are trapped in this room. There is no way out.


Oh no! Does that mean we'll starve to death in here?

Announcer: We'll find out after the break.

<Commercial begins>

Yellow Face

Want skin that's smooth and soft? Then buy our bubble transformer. It'll turn you into a bubble, and bubble skin is super smooth. None of the people of the survey said they didn't like it, because they popped before we could contact them, and we don't sell personal bubble recovery centers, so they died. So yeah! Buy now!

<Commercial ends>


Announcer: People, calm down, there is a way out of here.

Pencil: Liar, liar, pants ablaze.

Announcer: No Pence-Pence, its true.

<Match slaps Announcer>


Only I call her Pence-Pence.

Announcer: Oh, so now you're a slapper, aren't you?

Leafy: Hey guys, look! To pass the time, we could try to finish these jigsaw puzzles on the floor.

Announcer: That is exactly what the 7th contest is. If your team completes your team's jigsaw puzzle, the doors will detect it and let you free. Until then you are trapped. The fastest team wins, and go!

Tennis Ball

This should be easy!

Golf Ball: Yeah, especially because there are only 9 pieces!

Match: Hey, lets get going. You know, this is really hard because there all the same dark brown color.

Pencil: Something tells me we're doing something wrong.

Eraser: You worry too much, Pencil.

<Golf Ball is about to put the last piece>

Snowball: Give me that.

<Snowball takes the piece from Golf Ball and finishes the jigsaw puzzle>


Announcer: There's one more thing I want you to do.


Announcer: Before I let you go, choose someone on the Squishy Cherries to be on your team.

Coiny : OK then. Let's see who can we choose from! There's Eraser, his friend and the... dumb jerk, and the alliance, so let's take a vote! Who do you want, Icy?

Ice Cube


Coiny : And the rest of you?


Leafy, Snowball, Tennis Ball, Golf Ball

<Rocky vomits a picture of a fire>

Coiny: And I don't want Firey. I guess Firey won't be the one.

Snowball: We pick Firey.

Coiny: But I hate Firey. Why would you do that?


Oh no, now Coiny's on my team!

Announcer: Okay, so now the Squashy Grapes really, really outnumbered the Squishy Cherries.

Match: Yea, it was so funny. Eraser just, like, walked up and stepped on a nail.

Pencil: Hoy, Hoy, that's so halair.

Match: But then he, like, shot up in the air and so totally fell on like, a bed of nails.

Pencil: Yea, yea, wow!

Eraser: Hey! Match and Pencil, you two better not be talking about me. And why aren't you helping us on the puzzle, anyway?

Match: Oh great, you're bossy. I was glad when Pin was, like, eliminated. But now you're like her.

Eraser: I just want to finish the puzzle, okay?

Pencil: Sure. Uh..

<Pencil flips the puzzle piece>

Pencil:... Guys! All the pieces are upside down. The brown goes on the back!

Eraser: Oh! No wonder.

Announcer: So yea, Cherries, keep working because you're still trapped in this room. And that means no voting for this episode. However, episode 8 will still come out on August 1st and there will be voting then.

<later, at night>

Pen: Hey! I found two pieces that fit together.

Pencil: Finally!

Eraser: It's about time!

<Episode ends>

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