Metal Leaf

"I'm Purple Face! Don't you remember?"

The subject of this article has never had a official name stated either via in the show, or by the creators; so it has been given a fitting name for it.

The subject's name may be revealed to be something different.

So what? That was almost 2 years ago. No one wears Non-Slip Shoes So Ha! anymore.
— Purple Face

Purple Face made his first and only appearance in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2. He was never seen again after he was eaten by Yellow Face. Purple Face appears in Yellow Face's "Non-Slip Shoes So Ha!" advertisement, criticizing his product because it was from over a year ago. This caused Yellow Face to make a seemingly racist statement in anxiety. Purple Face demands someone to reject him, but he continues on with the ad. Purple Face interrupts again, and is then eaten by Yellow Face. He has not made any appearances since then.


  • He was the only character to die in Yellow Face's advertisements, besides a stick figure, who slipped and an arrow pointing to it saying "DEAD" appeared and anyone who used the Bubble Transformer.


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