Episode Gallery Transcript

Before the intro


Let's do Cake at Stake!


I really do not like Cake at Stake!


Oh do you not? I guess we'll take the shortcut then and eliminate you immediately then!


I really like Cake at Stake!


That's better! Now we can do Cake at Stake!
(Cake at Stake theme plays)

Cake at Stake


So, the team who lost will do Cake at Stake. If you remember, Good old SB ripped the tie So the grapes won the tiebreaker. The cherries lost. Hello Cherries! So you know the rules. The one cherry who doesn't receive a cake goes home, I mean the TLC if you remember. Cherries, this is your fourth time here. Getting used to it?


Just get on with it!


The cake was to expensive, so I got 6 cupcakes instead. But think, there are only six. Anyway, we got 13 votes. That's one fewer than last time. It's the first time it's ever gone down! *slow* I want to cry now! I really do!


Yeah! I don't like think so!


*normal* Pin, you have two Win Tokens, would you like to use one now?


Um, no! I mean there's nothing mean I-


Yeah Yeah! We know!


Oh, I just knew you were gonna say that because I'm so smart!


Yeah, not really. On the test you scored 14/20 for 70% which is a C-.


(offscreen) Ooh! Burn!
(Pin growls)


So here are the seven cherries, and here are the 13 votes. Only one of you got 0 votes.




Thank you! I needed to hear that,


You're not the person who got 0 votes.


Oh my gosh! No fair!


It's Pencil.




Bubble, Firey, and Match each got one vote. Happy Match? I didn't even say the word A PIECE.


*gasp* He said it! I'm so not like happy!


Cherries, I'll tell you this. None of the remaining three of you got the same number of votes.


Eraser look! Pin has to get out! If she doesn't, one of us is going to the TLC! You remember how devastating it was when it was Blocky's time to go! It can't happen again!


Eraser, the number of votes you got is (talks very fast) the factorial difference of the square of the number of spacial dimensions of this universe and one more than the smallest perfect number.


And that is?


9! You are eliminated! Ha ha! If you were smart you would know the result is actually 2. I guess you're not to smart after all!
(Eraser growls)


Pin, Pen, You are the final 2. And your names sound alike. That's cool. Cool as Ice Cube because she's frozen. But Ice Cube, what are you doing here? You are on the other team.
(Ice Cube is hit by a spring)

Announcer: I have the last cupcake. Is it for Pen or for Pin?

Match: Um, Mr. Speaker Thing, I see Pen's name written on the cupcake!

Bubble: Hey! I see mine on mine too!

Others: Hey! Same here! Yeah!

Pen: So does that mean the cupcake's mine and I'm safe?

Announcer: Uh, yeah, it does. That name was not supposed to be there. So goodbye Pin.

Pin: I use my Win Token!

Announcer: Too late!

Pin: But I'm the team leader! You can't do that! Oh no! Eraser! You need an heroic leader like me!

(Pin is flung to TLC)

Eraser: That Pin got what she deserved!

Announcer: Let that be a lesson, use your Win Tokens before it's too late.

(Intro plays)

Main Episode

Announcer: Look at this!

Shows the two teams at 10-10

(Removes 5 contestants from the list making 6-9)

Team Splitting

Announcer: But in this contest the teams temporarily will temporarily be temporarily formed (temporarily) within the teams temporarily. That's why it's Teams in Teams. The cherries will become 2 teams of 3. And the grapes will be 3 teams of 3. Got that?

Leafy: Yeah, I guess?

Announcer: Our TV will randomly choose the teams. OKAY. So Bubble, here's who you'll be teamed with.

Match: OMGs people! I hope our alliance will be together as a team!

Announcer: Match.

March: Yeah!

(Match high fives Bubble)

Announcer: And the other one is-

Pencil: It's like so gotta be me!

Announcer: Pencil.

Match: Yes! This is like a miracle!

Announcer: So the remaining cherries form another team. Grape time! There are 9 of you. Snowball is grouped with Rocky.

Snowball: Oh great that's helpful! He doesn't even have arms!

Announcer: And Golf Ball.

Snowball: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-

Announcer: Don't they make a great team?

Snowball: -oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Announcer: The other teams are Leafy, Tennis Ball, and Teardrop. And Coiny, Ice Cube, and Needle. So what will you five teams be doing? There will be three islands. You will go through all of them in sequence.

Pen: Is one of them Dream Island? Cause that would be something I'd really like to-

Announcer: No, none of the islands are Dream Island. So the first team that gets to the end all get Win Tokens. And the voting will only be on the three members of the last team to arrive. So yeah, to start cross that balance beam to get to island 1.


Pencil: We're in first! We are so going to win this!

Snowball: Look! You weaklings better not make me lose here!

Golf Ball: What? You're the only one who matters?

(Team falls into 3rd)

Snowball: Yeah duh I am! Wow you're stupid!

Golf Ball: Wha? I'm the stupid one?

(Team falls into 4th)

Snowball: Yeah you are! Cause anyone normal would actually start the race which is what I'm doing! Come on Rocky!

(Team goes into 3rd)

Leafy: Yeah let's do this TD! Slow and steady!

Snowball: Out of my way!

(pushes Ice Cube, Pencil, Match, and Bubble off the balance beam)

(Team goes into 1st)

(Rocky barfs causing Ice Cube to sink)

Coiny: Ice Cube! Ice Cube! Where are you? I'll just get to Island 1 and wait for her there!

Match: That SB is a rager! I hate him!

Pencil: So what do we do now?

Bubble: We'll have to swim to Island 1! There's no way we could get back on!

Snowball: Whoa!

Announcer: Go get GB!

Snowball: Well, I'll have to plow through all those people!

Announcer: No plowing! Swim back! If you don't I'll eliminate you!

Snowball: Why do I have to do this?

Announcer: A team has to stick together. Now go!

Snowball: Oh boy!

(Snowball swims back)

(Team falls into 3rd)

Pencil: Why is he swimming back?

Match: Don't know!

Leafy: Yeah! I think we're the first team here! Whoa!

Announcer: On Island One there are thirty or so safes. Each of the safe's combo is written on its bottom. Five of the safes have the rafts and paddles that teams will need in order to get to Island Two.

Leafy: Okay lets get started! Push! 7,4,9! Ugh!

Tennis Ball: It's a teddy bear!

Coiny: Where's Ice Cube? Do you know where she is Needy?

(Needle slaps Coiny)

Needle: Don't call me Needy! But no!

Bubble: Hey! We're still in 2nd! We didn't fall to far behind!

Snowball: Gosh GB! I'm here!

(SB throws his teammates to other side of balance beam)

Coiny: Ice Cube! I've been wondering where you were!

(Firey falls off balance beam)

Pen: Eraser! Isn't water Firey's posion? He'll die!

Eraser: Oh! Oh yeah! I guess we'll have to go back and turn on the FRC!

Leafy: What? A baseball bat?

Match: 3,6,3!

Pencil: An egg! What good's an egg?

Coiny: Ice Cube! Because of what just happened we need a team leader!

Ice Cube: Can I be-

Coiny: No! I'll be the team leader!

Pen: We must be in last now!

(Eraser turns on the FRC)

Eraser: Wha- it has to warm up!

Tennis Ball: A flower!

Leafy: Oh! I don't like Flower! She's mean!

(Safe shows a baseball cap)

Pencil: Aww!

Coiny: Hey Hey! Pretty simple! But that's the raft! Great! We've got a lead!

Snowball: Come on guys! I'm here!

Pen: 60% done warming up!

Leafy: Okay we got it!

Tennis Ball: We fell to 3rd!

Match: Is it it? Is it it? Ahh!

Announcer: Island Two has ten keys hanging from poles. Teams will climb up building blocks to snatch a key and move on.

Coiny: Build! Lets build!

Eraser: Finally! Come on Firey! Don't fall this time!

Bubble: It's not it again!

Pencil: Wait Match!

Coiny: Gotcha! Whoo! This is great!

(Golf Ball tells SB what to do)

Snowball: Shut it!

Match: That's it!

Bubble: Yeah!

Match: Let's go!

Pen: Oh no! We're the only ones still here!

Leafy: Yeah TD! You got this!

Snowball: Whoa!

(Falls off blocks)

Golf Ball: What did I tell you?

Snowball: Grr!

Coiny: Island 3!

Announcer: On Island 3 there's a building with a locked door. The key that the team snatched from Island Two might unlock the door. However, Only five of the ten keys unlock the door. If the key doesn't work, the team must go back and snatch another key.

Coiny: Oh it doesn't work! We'll have to go back!

(Puts key in the trash can)

(Back on Island One)

Firey: Yeah! Got the raft on the first try!

Pen: Let's go!

Match: Hey! We forgot about Pencil!

Bubble: Let's turn around!

Leafy: Our key is a fake! It won't unlock!

Tennis Ball: Let's turn around!

Leafy: I'm so disappointed!

Golf Ball: Snowball! You never learn do you!

Pen: Hey! Three teams are still here! We're still in this!

Firey: There's no time to be Mr. Nice Guy!

(Kicks blocks where Snowball is climbing)

Golfball: SB! Next time build a stable structure!

Match: So where's Pencil?

Bubble: She must be in one of the safes! She's not in this one!

Match: Or this one! Or this one! Or this one!

Pen: If we can just climb the pole, We'd be in first!

Firey: I'll try! Oh my gosh it's slippery!

Coiny: Okay I got it.

Match: Pencil! You're here! Now let's go super fast!

(Firey grabs key)

Coiny: I think we're still in first! It doesn't unlock again!

Leafy: Gotcha! Go go go!

Pen: Yeah it works!

Firey: All right!

Eraser: Hey! It's the Speaker thing!

Announcer: Pen, Eraser, Firey, You're the first team to finish. You each get a Win Token. Leave.

(Springs team out of building)

Leafy: We're in!

Announcer: You're Team Two. Leave.

(Springs team out of building)

Coiny, Snowball, Pencil: Got it!

Pencil: Paddle fast fast fast!

Snowball: We wouldn't be behind if you two could paddle!

Bubble: Here we go!

Announcer: Team 3.

Match: Yes!

(Springs team out of building)

Coiny: It works!

(Snowball pushes Coiny's team away)

Snowball: Out of my way!

Announcer: SB, GB, Rocky, You're team 4 so you're all safe. Leave!

(Springs team out of building)

Announcer: Coiny, Icy, Needy-

(Needle slaps Announcer)

Announcer: You're the 5th and last team. One of you will be eliminated! Viewers out there, vote between Coiny, Ice Cube, and Needle.


Pen: Wait! We're still flying through the air! Wow that spring is strong!

Leafy: Are we going up or down now?

(Episode ends here)

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