This page is about the pairing of Pen and Pencil. They were on the same team in the first season of BFDI.

They both have a lot in common, mainly because they're both stationery supplies and they both are parts of large group of friends.

Since Pen did not qualify for BFDIA and Pencil got eliminated first in BFB, their relationship did not expand.

Episodes suggesting a positive relationship

  • Take the Plunge: Part 2: Pen ends up on Pencil's team, courtesy of Pin. Also, when considering which of the male contestants to choose as per request of the Announcer, Pencil is among the consensus that approves Pen joining their team.
  • Barriers and Pitfalls: Pen, along with Blocky save Pencil from being eaten by a monster.
  • Cycle of Life: Pen carries Pencil during the challenge and Pencil looks really happy about it.
  • Bowling, Now with Explosions!: In the puppets segment, after realizing they aren't cliff jumping, Pencil tells Leafy "Let's watch clouds with Pen!"
  • Return of the Hang Glider: When Pencil wants Bubble to win, everyone except for Pen threatens to slap her.
  • Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know: Pencil tries to impress Pen with her Leafy Detector.
    • This, however, included Pencil talking to Pen with a sarcastic tone, so it in unknown of she tried to impress Pen, or was just poking fun of him.
    • Pencil also called him 'Pen Pen', which is almost similar to her nickname, 'Pence Pence'. Though it is unsure if she was intentional or was being sarcastic.

Episodes suggesting a negative relationship


  • In Rescission, two people submitted recommended characters for the next episode: PencilDitz (who recommended "Pencil & Pen's Baby" and MurielEpic (who recommended "PencilxPen", a combination of the two.) "PencilxPen" was rejected in favor of the other character "DNA".
  • Pen and Pencil are the only other contestants to show their love for each other, along with Leafy and Firey.
  • Pen and Pencil's relationship might be able to be grown since Pen has the most votes to join IDFB 2 so far. Of course, this would not have happened if Pen doesn't have enough votes to debut. It appears as of now, Match had the most votes.