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Paper Towel is a short animation released on October 1, 2016. This animation was released to make up for the delay of IDFB 2, which was delayed to December 1st. This is BFDI's second short.


Blocky was seen drawing, then suddenly the glass of water next to him spilled. He looks over to some paper towel, but Eraser's rules only allow it to be used as toilet paper, and forbid taking them for other uses. Eraser then goes in the bathroom. Blocky decides to sneak and get some. However, the towel doesn't completely come off. Eraser is about to come out of the bathroom, so Blocky decides to take more.

Eraser comes out of the bathroom and is angry at Blocky. Blocky later takes the whole roll, which ends up with Eraser chasing Blocky until he finds a water fountain. He fills a bottle with water and pours it out on Blocky. Eraser feels bad for Blocky and shows him a paper towel. He points left, which Blocky seems scared about. Eraser walks over with a scared look, and he struggles to climb boxes. Pen suddenly runs over and helps Eraser.

In the next scene, Blocky is seen in a blast suit, as he disconnects a pipe-like thing, which has an empty roll of paper. He adds another roll and connects it. Blocky then walks away, ending the video by fading into black.


  • This episode has a similar animation style to BFDI Is Back because it has been animated by Michael, just like that video. However, the animation style is much smoother this time.
  • This is the first BFDI video that's styled after silent films.
  • Snowball is the only one of Coiny's boysIDFB1 who doesn't appear in this episode/animation. It is unknown where he went.
  • This is the second time where we don't see Eraser hanging out with Pen. The first time was in Vomitaco where instead he is with Blocky.
  • This also marks the first time a member or two of Blocky's alliance had a major conflict, which has never before seen in the regular episodes.
  • This is also the second time where Eraser plays a big role in a scene. The first time was in Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?.
  • This episode takes place somewhere near Yoyle City as the Yoyle Needy is seen behind them.
  • This is the second episode that tells the viewer that objects are capable of using the bathroom. The first is at Are You Smarter Than a Snowball?, where at the end Tennis Ball says that he needs to use the bathroom.
  • The scenery used in this short reappears in Getting Teardrop to Talk.


  • At 0:03, the water in the glass stays frozen and does not spill out, despite it making a puddle effect.
  • Pen has one arm at one shot.


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