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"But Ooze, I'm looking at you now and I'm not getting the twinkle!" -Stapy

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"Looks like it's down to ya boys, Ooze and Pin!"

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Pins sweat ooze, not water.

Ooze is what Pin sweats, when she is nervous or tired. It only appeared in Get Digging, Zeeky Boogy Doog, and Get in the Van. Instead of sweating water like the other objects, Pin was revealed to be sweating ooze, and not water. Apparently, all other variations of Pin all have ooze as sweat.


The Ooze has a water-ish appearance with green neon color. The ooze is very sticky, so it's unknown how Pin sweats it out.


  • It was revealed that Pins sweat ooze, not water.
  • Apparently, Pin eats her own ooze.