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Nonexisty is one of the 30 recommended characters that could've joined the game in episodes 17 and 18. He placed 8th with 11 votes. He was also up for voting to join the second season, but he only got 266 votes. Even if he had gotten enough, he still was disqualified for being absent, and was the only character not in the original BFDI cast to be disqualified.

He made a cameo in episode 4 of Inanimate Insanity, where he helped Nickel to escape the Locker of Losers. His only quote in Inanimate Insanity was "No problem," after Nickel thanked him.


  • Nonexisty apparently tastes of peanut butter. He made a cameo in A Leg Up in the Race, after the Announcer stated that all previous votes would be deducted from each contestant's score. Firey noticed that he tasted peanut butter, and an annotation appeared with the fan character credit.
  • Nonexisty was the second recommended character on the show, as Bomby was the first in Lofty.
  • Nonexisty is one of the three characters held in the TLC to not change his design in IDFB, with the other two being 8-Ball and Grassy.



  1. Reveal Novum/Transcript Ruby: "Ah, you missed him!"
  2. Yoylecon Cary: "I love him because he never says more than he needs to."

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