I'm wearing non-slip shoes so ha!
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Non-Slip Shoes So Ha are a garment in BFDI. Despite being called shoes, their design is almost no different from that of a pair of normal, pink flip-flops; although they resemble boots in Total Firey Points. Based on what Flower said, it is used to prevent slipping. It was mentioned in a commercial by Yellow Face.


The Non-Slip Shoes So Ha first appeared in Take the Plunge: Part 1. They were revealed as a gadget to helping her staying in the balance beam by Flower, after Leafy and Pin failed to push Flower off the balance beam.

It later appeared in Insectophobe's Nightmare 2 as an item for Yellow Face's advertisement, claiming that they are in style these days. However, Purple Face interrupted the ad, saying that no one wears them anymore, as they are over two years ago. This caused Yellow Face to make a seemingly racist statement. Due to this, Purple Face calʪ for someone to reject Yellow Face, but he cont㏌ues with the ad, mak㏌g Purple Face ㏌terrupt him once more. Yellow Face got angry, and he ate Purple Face.

They were last seen in the Cloudy’s junk pile in Getting Teardrop to Talk.


Yellow Face

Buy Non-Slip Shoes So Ha! They're totally in style these days! Like, Flower wore them this one time! So, like, they must be GOOD!

Purple Face

So what? That was almost two years ago! Nobody wears Non-Slip Shoes So Ha! anymore.

Yellow Face

OH MY GOSH! You don't know anything! You're..PURPLE!

Purple Face

RACIST!!! Get this guy out of hiyah (here)!

Yellow Face

So yeah! BUY NOW!!

Purple Face


Yellow Face

(unusual grunting noise)

(unusual eating noise)

(unusual swallowing noise)


  • This marks the first time Yellow Face killed someone.
  • This is the first (and so far only) appearance of Purple Face.
  • This is the first and (so far) only ad to have the item showed in the commercial appeared before the advertise.
  • It made a cameo in Cloudy's junk pile in BFB 1.


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