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Episode Gallery Transcript
BFDIA 5c No More Snow!07:01

BFDIA 5c No More Snow!

Puffball flies over Evil Forest, while Fries sleeps on her. He then gets hit by a basketball raining from a cloud


Yikes! Wait, where's the rest of our team?


Gelatin pushed Golf Ball, Tennis Ball and Rocky off.


Right, right. I remember that.


Then you fell asleep, and Gelatin and Firey decided to tie their legs together, and fall off.
Fries: Seems like the type of thing they would do. So where are they now?
Puffball: I heard some demonic screams, so they probably got eaten by Evil Leafy.
Fries: You mean that Evil Leafy?
[Evil Leafy teleports, screen darkens. Camera zooms onto FreeSmart walking over Evil Leafy]
Book: Hey, aren't we forgetting someone?
Pencil: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Nope, we aren't missing anyone.
Book: I mean, like Golf Ball and Tennis Ball and Rocky.
Pencil: Ha! You're kidding right?
Match: OMG, Book, you are, like, so hilarious!
Book: But-
Match: We wanna win, right?
Book: Well, yes, but...
Match: Shush. You have just answered your own question.
[FreeSmart reaches the top of Evil Leafy, where a platform with green, red, and yellow buttons is visible. Ruby reaches it by popping Bubble]
Ruby: Do I... press it?
Pencil: Yes, of course. Of course you, dum dum! Of course you press it! [Ruby starts to cry] OK, I'm sorry, Ruby. It's just, hmm, it's just... I really wanna get outta here! Um... and we're so close! [Camera zooms out to show Evil Leafy's body] I just... I didn't know how to act... I'm sorry.
Ruby: [sobs] Okay. [presses the green button and makes a landmine explosion occur, blowing Match and Icy away]
Pencil: Ruby! Press the red button, not the green button. Don't they teach you this in Gem School?
Ruby: I didn't go to Gem School!
Book: Pencil, Gem School is only for diamonds. Don't you know?
Pencil: [sighs] I'm sorry, Ruby. Just press the button already. [Ruby presses the yellow button, making a cage fall on half the Freesmarters] Ruby! Red Button! Not the yellow button, not the green button! THE... RED... BUTTON!!!
Ruby: Sorry! [presses said button, making a laser appear, killing Pencil, who didn't know it would kill her]
Book: I think Pencil wanted you to press the purple button! [Ruby presses said button. A purple laser appears and teleports Book and Ruby outside of Evil Leafy. The two friends start tip-toeing away from her, but were too late, and she starts to chase them, who are screaming]
Fries: Puffball, our team members are in there, follow them!
Puffball: On it! [starts following Book and Ruby. The 5 objects (excluding W.O.A.H. bunch) pass by various different things]
Nickel: Maybe we should just give up... We're not going to WIN.
Pin: Stop being so pessimistic, Nickel. We still have a chance! [gets stuck on slush] Oh no! I'm STUCK! [Coiny and Bomby strain themselves trying to get Pin off the slush, but a lightning bolt strikes a tree, and the two start screaming and running away from the falling tree, which kills Pin]
[Book and Ruby still get chased by Evil Leafy, then they climb a tree]
Ruby: Cut the rope!! [Book cuts the rope which holds a 9,042 kilogram weight, which kills Evil Leafy, Fries and Puffball. Book and Ruby High-five each other]
Book: Now what?
Ruby: We recover our dead team members!
Book: But the HPRC was inside Evil Leafy, and we just crushed her!
Ruby: Oh, right. [begins to sob]
[Ruby died from sadness shortly after.]
[Her best friend Book was unfazed and went on to made billions selling Ruby's remains.]
[W.O.A.H. Bunch are still walking]
Nickel: No more snow!!
Yellow Face: YAAAAAAAAY!!!!! [A bowl of petunias falls and crashes in front of Bomby]
Bomby: ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! [begins to panic insanely]
Coiny: Stop panicking! It's just a bowl of petunias.
Yellow Face: So, Needle, how much further to Yoyle Mountain??? [Needle pulls out her Distance Tracker 2000, then activates it]
Distance Tracker 2000: 70 FEET LEFT. [Needle cheers along with Yellow Face and Spongy]
Coiny: Wait, no, no, no, you... you did all that wrong. See, that's the distance to... Evil Canyon. What you want, You wanna press this. [presses the D.T. 2000's screen] And see? The distance to Yoyle Mountain is actually 2,761 miles.
Spongy: But, Coiny...
Coiny: Spongy, I know it's far, but don't complain. We have to DO this!
Spongy: Coiny, the canyon!
Coiny: What?! [lands with a huge thud]
Yellow Face: Needle, are you doing okay? Can you stay up much LONGER???
Needle: No!
Yellow Face: Uh-oh. We need to find something to land on, or else we are going to DIE.
Coiny: Hey, Spongy, do you think you could do us a little favor, and... IMPALE yourself on those spikes to save our lives!
Spongy: No way!
Needle: Help me!
Nickel: Spongy, PLEASE! We'll die either way!
Coiny: Yeah, PLEASE!
Spongy: NO! Not moving!
Coiny: What's that? I can't exactly tell what you said through all those layers of fat. It said it's kind of like - (Coiny squishes his cheeks to mock Spongy's voice, saying, "Sure thing, Coiny.")
Spongy: No! I said–
[Coiny pushes Spongy to the spikes]
[Spongy screams mildly. Yellow Face, Bomby, Nickel, Coiny and Needle jump onto Spongy's Back]
[Spongy continues to cry slightly, then coughed a few times and silence]
Nickel: Now how are we going to get across?
Coiny: Oh, there's a way. There is DEFINITELY a way. Hey Needy!
[Needle slaps Coiny]
Needle: Don't call me Needy!
[Coiny slides on the soil on the other side of the canyon, and thumbs up because his method worked, causing other members of his team except Needle and Spongy to do the same]
Yellow Face: Needy!
[Needle slaps Yellow Face]
Bomby: Needy!
[Needle slaps Bomby]
Nickel: Needy.
[Needle slaps Nickel]
Yellow Face: Hold on, how are Needle and Spongy gonna get off?
Coiny: Well Spongy's dead already. I- I hope.
Yellow Face: Ok, but we still need to get Needy up here!
[Needle tries to slap him but she can't because she is still in the chasm]
Nickel: Well FreeSmart's got the HPRC, we could kill Needle now and recover her when we catch up the FreeSmart.
Needle: No!
Yellow Face: Don't worry guys, I got this covered.
[Yellow Face throws the ignited flamethrower]
Needle: Help me!
[The flamethrower sets Needle and Spongy's corpse on fire, killing Needle in the process]
[Scene cuts to the remaining 4 survivors of the W.O.A.H Bunch walking through the forest]
Coiny: Hey, you Two are FreeSmarters. Where's the HPRC?
Book: It got crushed.
Coiny: Oh, so Pin, Needle and Spongy are dead forever?
Book: Yep, so are Match, Bubble, Ice Cube, Pencil, Fries, Puffball, Golf Ball, Gelatin, Firey, Tennis Ball and Rocky.
Coiny: So we are the final 6 contestants in BFDIA? My chance of winning has tripled! Oh yeah!
Firey Speaker Box: So you killed yourself and destroyed the one and only HPRC. Why am I not surprised?
Coiny: Because you think we're stupid, and we're not. You're stupid, because Firey made you!
[A HPHPRCC drops from the sky]
Firey Speaker Box: Here's a Hand-powered HPRC Creator.
Yellow Face: You mean an HPHPRCC? Those are my favorite!
Firey Speaker Box: If you turn the crank long enough, it will create an HPRC.
Nickel: Uh, how long is long enough?
Firey Speaker Box: It depends on how hard you guys crank. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to over a month!
Nickel: Oh great. How fun. I've been reduced to a cranking slave!
Ruby: Weeks of cranking? That sounds exhausting!
Firey Speaker Box: Remember, it's for the lives of your freddies!
Ruby: Friends, schmends. My arms will be [incomprehensible word, possibly she said "leaves"?] by the time it's over!
Firey Speaker Box: Now get cranking that HPHPRCC! I'll see you all when you get to the summit of Yoyle Mountain.
[Book, Ruby, Yellow Face, Nickel, Coiny and Bomby start cranking the HPHPRCC]
[Match and Ice Cube show up walking]
Match: Hey guys, guess who's back!
Book: Match! I thought you died in the explosion.
Match: Well it was enough to set me on, like, fire, but it wasn't enough to kill me. Ice Cube survived too!
Nickel: Hey, you might wanna put out that flame. We're in a forest here.
Match: Oh, right.
[Match grabs Ice Cube and puts her on her burning head, melting her and extinguishing the fire, leaving water dripping down her body]
[Episode ends]

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