"If you don't join, I'll call you 'Needy'. ...Three times. ...In a row."

This page is for the pairing of Needle and Coiny. Not much is known about this relationship, however, there are multiple hints implying that they might be in love. Many fans call this relationship "Coineedle" or "Neeny". They are on the same team in season 4, which may mean their relationship might grow.

Episodes suggesting a friendship/relationship

  • Take the Plunge: Part 2: After Needle picks Snowball to be on her team, Blocky claims that "they're in love". Needle disagrees and says that she likes Coiny more, making him, Blocky and Snowball gasp.
  • Power of Three: Needle is put on Coiny's smaller team, along with Ice Cube.
  • Insectophobe's Nightmare 3: Out of all of Team No-Name, Coiny chooses Needle, and said, "Uh Needle, if you don't join, I'll call you Needy... Three times... In a row." However, this was probably because she was the easiest one to be forced to go to, with the method above.
  • Zeeky Boogy Doog: When Coiny and Pin did a high five, Needle had a sad face.
  • Get in the Van: Needle and Coiny were most of the time together in this episode.

Episodes suggesting a conflict


  • In Last BFDI, Coiny falls through a funnel to form Needle. It's probably because of that both Coiny and Needle is made of metal.
  • In The Glistening, a recommended character shows of Needle and Coiny, and a sign that says BFDI COUPLES by DaKillahBunnyz. It is of Needle and Coiny. In the actual comment, it said:

"What It Looks Like: A picture of Coiny and Needle standing next to each other, with Pencil and Pen, Firey and Leafy, TB and GB, Pin slapping Woody, but they are standing next to each other so they count as a couple, Speaker Box and Female Speaker Box (Speaker box with a pony tail), David and Daniella (David with long blonde hair) and Flower and Male Flower (Flower with blue petals) all standing next to each other"

  • There seems to be a connection between Pin and Coiny, which could be conflicting with this relationship.

Fan representations of Needle and Coiny

  • In a video made by DaKillahBunnyz called BFDI Episode 25.5 "They Get Married?!", which is now removed, Needle and Coiny get married.
  • NiroshaJojode's video "BFDI Couples" shows them as a couple.
  • Elepp, a scratcher, made Needle and Coiny in Tomodachi Life and made them marry each other.