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"Modeling Clay sides with Cake at Stake Prizes. Mechanical Minds stick together."-TV
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Hey! That's not cake! That's modeling clay!

Modeling Clay is a "cake" that was used at the Cake at Stake in Crybaby!


It is small, round, modeling clay. It appears to be red and pink. Its outlines are crimson.

Originally being a Cake at Stake prize, it was criticized by Snowball for being just a lump of modeling clay. The Announcer responded with another one of the BFDI running gags "Budget cuts."

This has never been seen in any other episode except Crybaby!

To this day, no-one knows exactly where the modeling clay came from, or how the Announcer got it.

This is the second cake in BFDI history to not be a pastry, the first being the Ice Block Cake.