Michael and Cary Huang

Michael and his brother Cary.

Michael Yiming Huang is an Asian-American college student who created and animated Battle For Dream Island along side his brother, Cary Huang. He is younger than Cary by two minutes and is not as active within the Object Show community as his brother is. They were both born on March 19th 1997.


Both Michael and Cary Huang provide the voices for the contestants during the season. Here is a list of the contestants who Michael voices:


  1. Tennis Ball was originally voiced by Michael Huang, but after season 2, Cary Huang became his voice actor.

See also


  • Why We've Had to Stop Animating on YouTube is the first video where Michael reveals his true face. In the video, he discusses about YouTube shutting down other channel's advertisments, including theirs, after two years keeping it in secret, and because of that, their incomes are blocked and leave them penniless, unable to make videos.
  • He helped creating the design of Suitcase for AnimationEpic in Inanimate Insanity.
  • Michael has a Nintendo Switch, and his friend code is SW-2196-6671-3613; however, his friend list is currently full.[1]


  1. Jacknjellify on Twitter

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