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Match and Ruby are very good friends throughout Battle for Dream Island Again.

In BFDIA 2, Match accepts Ruby into her alliance.

In BFDIA 3 and BFDIA 4, Ruby hangs out with Match and Pencil.

In IDFB, Ruby seems to have replaced Match, as Match is in the TLC. This can be seen with how Pencil is fine with Ruby calling her Pence-Pence, even though that name was previously only to be used by Match. Pencil's newfound disdain for Match suggests that she values Ruby's incompetence over Match's selfishness.

In BFB 2, Match praises Ruby for only getting 152 votes.

In BFB 5, Match and Ruby are seen playing Spongy Cake together, which was the same game Match played with Pencil before the latter was eliminated. They seem to be good friends in BFB.

Episodes suggesting a conflict

In BFDIA 5e, Match calls out Ruby for causing the HPRC to be glued to the ground.

In BFB 1, Ruby's elimination card seems to be angry at Match's elimination card


  • Match and Ruby have been on the same team ever since BFDIA 1, which was Ruby’s first time competing.